I Tested And Ranked The Best Mini Sewing Machine In 2024

I explored the best sewing machine for home use on Amazon available on Amazon, and the experience was eye-opening! Dive into my updated rankings and delve into in-depth reviews to discover the perfect sewing machine tailored to meet your specific needs.

Please be advised that the prices and ratings provided are accurate as of the time of writing.

1. Brother Sewing Machine, XM2701, Lightweight Machine with 27 Stitches, 6 Included Sewing Feet

Top-rated: 15,939 ratings

Brother Sewing Machine

Credit: Amazon.com

Informative Review: “I bought this because I needed a light weight machine to use when doing rag rugs. I read a lot of reviews and decided on this machine.

I decided to make a pillowcase for a first project on it. I always use a 1/4 seam allowance with a 1/4 inch foot which this machine doesn’t come with so what I did is put the needle all the way to the right and with the included foot was able to get a scant 1/4 inch so I was pleased with that.

I know a lot of people have said the light is not bright enough but I think it’s just fine.

I watched the video on you tube and had it up and going in minute.

The accessories where in a baggy at the top of the machine when it was unpacked so there is no way you can misss them.

I definitely use the manual . Especially when changing stitches so I can see what the recommended length and width of the stitch should be.

Im used to sewing with a computerized machine that pretty much sets everything once you chose your stitch. This machine really feels old school to me because you have to really learn how to set your stitches for your fabric to get it right.

The only problem I’ve had so far is having a spool of thread wrapping around the bottom of the spool pin while sewing. I used a different spool and the problem went away but really I shouldn’t have to.

The spools were the normal size but the holes must have been a different diameter.

My husband cut out a circle from cardboard poked a hole in it with a screw driver and I put that on top of the spool of thread and that seems to help the spool not bounce and the thread from my other spool is now working fine.

So far I would say this is a great travel or beginner machine. I will be updating my review in about a month to see how it’s held up.

It’s just important to remember it’s an entry level machine and your getting what you paid for.
Having said that I still expect it to be durable and last for several years .


  • Easy to set up
  • Drop in bobbin works great
  • Has 3 needle positions
  • Very light machine
  • Has more stitches than other machines in the same price range


  • Spool can bounce on spool pin when sewing at higher speeds
  • Foot pedal is very cheap and slides all over the floor if you don’t put something under it
  • Accessorie tray is a description but that’s all. It’s really worthless and won’t hold anything. It is also a little hard to get open.
  • Feed dogs cannot be lowered
  • Screwdriver included is hard for me to use” – D. Wold

Another Helpful Review: “I learned to sew on one of the tiny, lightweight, portable starter machines that looks like a kid’s machine but is marketed for all level sewers.

It was fine and worked well for my basic projects, even sewing my first dog’s dress, but I had no idea how much better the experience can be on an larger, sturdier machine.

I definitely recommend this machine for beginners to learn on as well as more experienced sewers to use for everyday projects.

This one may still be considered basic by advanced sewers but it’s a totally different experience sewing on this machine compared to my tiny one.

The power, sturdiness, settings, and ease of use is on a whole other level! I had zero issues, whereas I was replacing needles and dealing with some jamming on my little machine.

This one definitely made the same type of job much faster to get through and more enjoyable. I love how much better this one feeds the fabric through!

The only thing I don’t like is that I can’t turn on and off the needle light. I’d usually use it but not always. I don’t like the idea of ever having to replace a sewing machine bulb so a switch would have been great to control usage.

I will be a lot more confident and motivated to try more advanced projects now that I have this machine.” – fyyfx

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2. SINGER® M1500 Mechanical Sewing Machine White 10 lbs

Top-rated: 6,684 ratings

SINGER® M1500 Mechanical Sewing Machine White 10 lbs

Credit: Amazon.com

Informative Review: “It exceeds my expectations. For a small sewing machine, it will sew right over heavy seams and keep on truckin’.

It was easy to thread, and the automatic needle threader was fantastic.

However, I have not yet needed to wind a bobbin, so the jury is still out on that. Just looking at the instructions is intimidating. Time will tell.” – Kay Routh

Another Helpful Review: “I love it! I have tried to learn to sew several times in my life and really struggled. This machine is definitely the one to get if you are new to sewing.

Singer has really great videos to get you started. The visual instructions that come with it aren’t really worth bothering with. just go straight to their you tube. the machine is super easy to thread.

It’s very manageable and has lots of stitch options even for a beginner machine. And it has a pedal which was important to me. I bought this machine in early May and have been using it almost every day since.” – Wendy H. Ascher

One More Review: “Before you even touch anything on this machine after unboxing it, go to Singer.com and watch the tutorial on how to operate it!

When I opened the bottom to thread it the metal ring with clips that holds the parts in so you can safely remove the bobbin holder was not clipped in and the entire piece fell out. Luckily they have a great short video on how to thread and operate all the functions on it and I was able to put it back together correctly.

Having said that, while I’m not a pro seamstress, I do know how to operate a sewing machine and I can tell you that a beginner would not be able to just set this up and sew without watching the tutorial.

You’re definitely going to have to put forth an effort to learn how to thread it and all of it’s functions if you’re not familiar with a sewing machine because the instructions are confusing and not very helpful even for someone with experience.

It jams very easily as well. It is definitely light weight though and the foot pedal is a dream come true. I’m happy with it for the price.” – CourtLee

One More Helpful Review: “I haven’t used a sewing machine since 7th grade Home Ec. but found online reviews suggesting this one for beginners.

I’ve made three small lap blankets and a few pillows and have had no issues. Threading the needle and filling a bobbin is easier than I expected but might take a few tries. The thickest I’ve sewed is a 3 layer blanket (two layers of fabric, batting in the center) and it worked perfectly fine.

I did snap a needle, but it was from 4 or so overlapping layers at a corner so I don’t blame the machine.

I’ve tried the first four stich settings and they all came out great. Back stitching also works well.

I don’t know where all these reviews are coming from about jamming. If you’re machine is jamming you’re probably threading the machine wrong or are somehow misusing it.

The manual is on Singers site and there’s official YouTube tutorials. What does come in the box directions-wise is a visual guide on how to thread the needle and wrap a bobbin.

If you’re planning on opening an etsy shop or doing heavy fabrics, this machine probably isn’t for you. But if you’re just starting out or are sticking to simple projects this is a great first machine.” – Vee

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3. Brother CS7000X Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine

Top-rated: 2,576 ratings

Brother CS7000X Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine

Credit: Amazon.com

Informative Review: “Great price for what you get. Overall, very happy with my purchase.

But, like all sewing machines, it has its quirks. I don’t think there is a “perfect” machine out there – the key is finding one whose quirks don’t bother you. I have been using this machine for a few months now, and here’s the quirks I have noticed:

  • Comes with plastic cover (not carrying case), which is fine, but cover won’t go on when spool pin is extended (annoying) – so I made a cloth cover instead.
  • Sews pretty smoothly, except sometimes hesitates when back stitching. Sometimes when I let go of the reverse button and press on the foot peddle to resume sewing, it will hesitate for a couple seconds, then suddenly jerk forward for a few stitches, then sew normally. If I notice it starting to hesitate, I just lift my foot off the peddle for one second, then push down again and it works perfectly.
  • When winding the bobbin, it winds the thread in a cone-shape at first, but it evens out if you completely wind the bobbin. It looks normal in the end. Not a problem, just kinda weird and different from my other machines.
  • Doesn’t have tons of power to go through thick material. 8 layers of quilting cotton seems to be the most it will do comfortably. If sewing thick material, use a new sharp needle, and it handles ok.
  • Light isn’t very bright, but when are they ever bright enough??

This is a good machine for beginners and intermediate sewists. I’d categorize it as “Basic Plus” because it has some nice extra features, but an advanced sewist should probably spring for a higher end machine with features that suit their specific needs.” – JS

Another Helpful Review: “I have had Singers and Whites, I purchased the CS7000X based on the reviews and I am glad I did! It’s light and quiet.

It’s super easy to use. The instruction manual pictures could be a little better though. Thank goodness YouTube has several videos for this model. The needle threader is so easy, easier for my eyes! There are so many cute stitches!

My only complaint is the space in the open area, it could be bigger! It’s supposed to be for quilting, I was able to sew on one, but it was tight! And I also had a little trouble getting my hands in there to change the needle.

That’s all I can find wrong with it. Other than that, I can’t find anything wrong with it. I like that it shows the foot to use with the stitch chosen and the length and width.

You can also use the pedal, or not, it you choose not to use it, just make sure it’s unplugged. I would 100% recoment this sewing machine!!” – Tracie

One More Review: “I purchased this machine 10 months ago and have had problems with thread tension from day one so I don’t recommend it for beginners!!!

I’ve been sewing for over 50 years and even I had issues with it. I did find that using quilting thread helped some.

I just have to keep an eye on it because I have accidentally changed the tension while using the machine especially if I am quilting a large quilt. I put tape over the knob to prevent that from happening.

I Love that it came with a walking foot and it’s great at sewing through multiple quilt layers. The extra features like being able to set the sewing speed and the needle position are great!

Also like that it is so easy to change to a decorative stitch.” – LuCee

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4. SINGER M1000 Mending Machine Small

Top-rated: 4,804 ratings

SINGER M1000 Mending Machine Small

Credit: Amazon.com

Informative Review: “I think that the people giving this machine bad reviews and complaining are trying to do things the machine was simply not made to do.

You cannot sew thick fabrics or a lot of layers – just not gonna work. But it tells you that so it shouldn’t be a surprise. I have a bigger machine, I bought this to sew small doll clothes on when I don’t want or need to set up my big machine.

And for this purpose it is perfect! It also only has one speed as described. Pretty slow compared to a full-size machine, but that’s great for a learner.

I love the visible bobbin, that was a perk to me. You do need to go download the manual, but heck that’s pretty much standard with most stuff these days so no big surprise and not hard to do.

Anyway, I have no problem with this machine and it’s doing what I need as long as I remember it’s limitations.” – Greyhaunt

Another Helpful Review: “My sewing needs are just basic than basic. Backwards, forwards, maybe a little zigzag. And the single speed on this machine is perfect.

The light tended to go on-off-on when first powered. Had me worried I overloaded a circuit or something. It’s just a mediocre light.

For my eyesight (or lack thereof) the needle threader was a must.

The machine travels, but I put it on a silicone mat that is very flat and clingy. Helped a lot. The 5 pound light weight is a huge plus.

First project was to sew together two somewhat heavy duty curtain panels. 6 layers of blackout fabric. 12 layers at the hems.

I was able to cram one panel between the needle and wall of the machine reasonably easily. Just have to be extra careful fabric doesn’t overlap under the needle. I used the second largest stitch, needle in the middle. It did a neat job.

I needed a combination of YouTube startup video and the manual, because one or two parts are slightly different than the video.

I was VERY slow and deliberate learning how to wind a bobbin and thread the machine. Helps to do it right.” – Pat

One More Review: “I needed to take in 10 dress shirts which would have cost me ~$110 and a week’s wait.

This machine and the supplies cost the same and I was able to accomplish the task on a Saturday afternoon after watching a few YouTube videos. I had no hands-on sewing experience prior to this project.

I had a lot of apprehensions prior to starting but this turned out to be a great experience. This is an incredibly user friendly machine IF you follow the instructions and/or watch the company’s free tutorial.

The threading guides are clear and both the sewing and bobbin winding features work. I did break the thread a few times initially, but it was my fault.

The feed speed is very manageable and the gap is big enough to fit adult sized hands. But the machine is light and tiny enough to store on a desk and not take too much room.

If it were to break tomorrow, I’ll be fine. And when it breaks, I’ll be ready to upgrade to another singer model.” – TrandaBear

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5. SINGER | MX60 Sewing Machine With Accessory Kit & Foot Pedal – 57 Stitch Applications – Simple & Great for Beginners

Top-rated: 7,615 ratings

SINGER  MX60 Sewing Machine With Accessory Kit & Foot Pedal

Credit: Amazon.com

Informative Review: “I bought this machine specifically for sewing knits with its stretch stitches, as my “daily driver” is a Singer 301 that only does straight stitching.

So far, this machine has worked pretty well for me with only a few hiccups. I think the instructions could better explain that to access the blue stitches, you need to continue to turn your stitch length dial counterclockwise PAST the 0 setting to get to the S1 setting.

The self threading needle has been hit or miss for me in actually working, but that’s not a big deal for me.

I have yet to figure out how (if) to adjust the presser foot pressure, and my fabric has been sucked into the throat plate several times when backstitching at the edge which is obviously very frustrating.

I have experienced the bobbin thread breaking/bunching underneath, but found it was due to the thread coming out of place in the bobbin case (perhaps from stitching too fast?). Simply removing and reloading the bobbin solved the problem for me.

While it doesn’t sew quite as smoothly as my vintage machine, overall this was well worth the price of the Prime Day deal. I’m not a professional seamstress, but I do make a lot of things for the home, baby accessories, and more recently, apparel; I think this machine will be more than sufficient to handle those tasks.

I’ve made several pieces for my kids so far and hope it continues to perform well for years to come.” – K. Wyatt

Another Helpful Review: “At $140, this isn’t going to blow your mind away, but it has all the basic creature comforts. Bobbin spooling, light, pedal, auto threader, thread cutter, etc. are all included.

The only issue is while this is touted as a beginner’s machine, there is no accompanying instruction manual, and the quick start guide is difficult to understand.

It’s 2022, and for a company to point you to downloading a pdf manual rather than have instructional videos is beyond me. Baby car seat makers sell their products in this price range, and instructional videos are everywhere.

That gripe aside, I found the mx231 easy to use once I figured out how to properly set up the bobbin case (once again, the quick start instructions were frustrating to understand and I relied on a third party video).

Threading it properly allowed for a perfect straight stitch at factory settings for a few pair of pants I was hemming for my kid.

I haven’t sewn in about since middle school, but this was pretty easy to pick up and work with. It’s not going to blow your mind like a professional model, but does the trick.

I bent a needle going through a fold with a thicker seam, and it got stuck a few times at seams when hemming. That’s to be expected at this price range, and I’ll be upgrading to heavier needles.

The only major thing I would want changed is for the hand wheel to have a better grip, like ridges or similar to help you power through tougher seams when you need it.

As is, the smooth plastic and lack of hand holds makes it hard to work with when reverse stitching to finish up, as well as free the needle when you need it.

All in all though, this is worth the price since hemming costs ~$25/pair near me, and our family will have a lot to alterations to do. Good job, Singer!!” – Pat Rick Bateman

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6. Janome Blue Couture Easy-to-Use Sewing Machine with Interior Metal Frame, Bobbin Diagram, Tutorial Videos, Made with Beginners in Mind!

Top-rated: 135 ratings

Janome Blue Couture Easy-to-Use Sewing Machine

Credit: Amazon.com

Informative Review: “After having and using this machine for a little over a month – I’m thoroughly impressed. While in some ways you ‘get what you pay for,’ this machine does live up to the Janome name without price gauging you into sewing serfdom.

Solid machine – simple stitches, and light enough to carry anywhere. This machine is certainly marketed to and best for beginners or hobby seamsters and seamstresses looking to get a quality machine that will meet their needs without all of the bells and whistles.

After owning a Singer for many years – and never using any of the digital features, this machine was everything I needed.

The fact that it comes in a variety of whimsical colors was an added bonus. Purchased the blue and I have a good smile every time I get it out of its case for a project. Professional or seasoned sewers might judge, but I won’t.

Just a quick FYI: those wishing to purchase a case for this machine can be assured this machine will fit the standard white, Singer carrying case. For added protection – I place the machine back into the styrofoam encasement it arrived in initially.

Fits like a glove, no worries about it sliding around in the case if I’m walking with it anywhere or shoving it back into the closet when I’m done.

If you have a young one interested in sewing, a beginner, of any age, or hobby sewer in your life looking for a sewing machine – this visually appealing and solid machine would make a great gift.” – Mickey

Another Helpful Review: “First off, I am just getting into this hobby, so I’ve got A LOT to learn still.

So far so good with this machine. It has some nice accessories, presser feet, and it DOES have a tread cutter. Maybe that was something they installed later on, but despite earlier reviews, the cutter is there. Helpful, but I still find myself reaching for my snips for a cleaner cut.

Still playing with the thread tension so the needle doesn’t come unthreaded when I finish a seem.

The guide book does leave a lot to be desired. Janome could have made their online videos a bit more detailed as well. They were helpful to get the machine set up.

But that’s about it. I’d like to know if I need a different presser foot to finish a raw edge or can I use one of the ones included? Not sure.. It also came with a different plate for free sewing (quilting?)

The buttonhole foot works just fine, and it stitches the hole well.

I think the machine is good for a beginner, but I do see myself growing out of it in a few years if I keep this hobby up.” – Nikki G.

One More Review: “I’ve been sewing since elementary school–so the better part of thirty years–and was looking to replace the 1970s Sears Kenmore machine that I’d learned on.

This is marketed as an entry level machine, and it’s definitely good for beginning sewists of any age, but it’s enough of a workhorse that unless you’re looking for a machine to do a lot of machine quilting or embroidery, it’s good for experienced sewists too.

I wasn’t looking for any of the bells and whistles of a higher end machine because I never use more than a few different stitches, and this machine does everything I was looking for, including stretch stitches for garment construction.

It’s sturdy enough to sew denim, sews smoothly on a wide range of fabrics, and is simple and easy to use.

The guts of the machine are all diecast metal, which is rare at this price point, and means that the machine should last practically forever. The only downside is that it doesn’t come with an invisible zipper foot, and the invisible foot that Janome sells for this particular model isn’t as versatile as I like.

That was easily remedied by ordering a third-party adjustable invisible zipper foot, so my recommendation is to buy this machine and pick up the invisible foot your prefer from the seller of your choice.” – Kathryn Brightbill

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