I Tested And Ranked The Best Fabric Cutting Mat In 2024

Safeguard your crafting, sewing, and hobby surfaces with the ultimate cutting mat. I ranked the I Tested And Ranked The best fabric cutting mat on Amazon.

Please be advised that the prices and ratings provided are accurate as of the time of writing.

1. Fiskars Rotary Cutter 3-Piece Set – 45mm Stick Rotary Cutter for Fabric, Cutting Mat, and Sewing Ruler

Top-rated: 18,069 ratings

Fiskars Rotary Cutter 3-Piece Set

Credit: Amazon.com

Informative Review: “I bought this for a project I am working on but when it arrived I was working on another project that I was able to use it for.

Mat is fantastic ..no complaints……..the ruler need the little grip tabs on the bottom of it because I noticed that when I put it down on a large piece of thin material, when trying to smooth the material…it moves other than that…it’s great……the rotary cutter…cuts fantastically, the biggest issue I see with this particular cutter is safety, the whole time I used it, I was afraid I was going to end up cutting myself, that blade is super sharp, which is exactly what I but the stick rotary cutter just feels unsafe, maybe it’s my own inexperience with it but I had a different one before and I don’t remember feeling this way when using it. (It was also Fiskars) I bought all of these as replacement items that I lost in a fire.

EDIT: I used this whole set for hours yesterday and the more I used it the more I became comfortable with using the rotary cutter, it’s just common sense things, don’t cut towards yourself, fingers etc. The blade is extremely sharp and I didn’t cut myself once.” – Melissa Ogilvie

Another Helpful Review: “Full disclosure, never had a rotary cutter before so I don’t have anything to compare, but this lil thing shocked me with how well it worked!

I had a old hospital sock (grippy feet kind) and first pass I pushed rather hard, not thinking it would really cut that thick material but it sliced through like it was nothing! Second pass I did VERY lightly and it cut 90% of the way through.

This things awesome! Makes a rather satisfying sound too! No idea how long it’ll hold up, but hopefully long enough to make it through making a massive patch quilt! We shall see. I’ll update if I remember.” – Amber

One More Review: “As a quilter I find this invaluable for cutting and trimming small pieces of fabric and cutting pieced blocks down to size. It is so easy to transport. I use a 28 mm rotary cutter, although larger work fine..

I especially like the rotating quality for holding the fabric steady and spining the mat for those last 2 cuts which typically shift while begin moved.

That does not happen with this mat. I used on often for 8 years before the center was rendered unusable because of the many grooves from so much cutting.

There were well over 1000 pieces, each with at least 2 cuts, many with 4 cuts.” – Moynard

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2. Fiskars Self Healing Cutting Mat with Grid for Sewing, Quilting, and Crafts – 24″ x 36” Grid – Gray

Top-rated: 10,747 ratings

Fiskars Self Healing Cutting Mat

Credit: Amazon.com

Informative Review: “I got an extra-large off-brand mat as a gift during the pandemic when this one was not available.

I was very dissatisfied with that mat (the placement of the measure marks was ridiculous, and you always ended up one inch off). I decided to spend the money to get the Fiskar mat instead, and I’m glad I did. I use a Fiskar rotary cutter and measuring tools.

They do everything well. This mat is sturdy without being oppressively heavy. The measurement lines are intuitive and easy to read.

I use it for quilting, and I get reliable results. It stays put on my work table, and it still looks new two quilts later. I would recommend.” – jpdavis

Another Helpful Review: “Ladies, size really does matter! And don’t let anyone try to tell you otherwise. We’ve all heard the old sayings that “size doesn’t matter” or “good things come in small packages”, and my personal favorite, “It’s not the size that counts, it’s how you use it.” Heck, we’ve heard them since we were young adults.

Come on, let’s face it. SIZE DOES MATTER. All these other sayings and “truisms” were started by people who didn’t have big tools.

They were started as a means to cover up inadequacies and ever since, we have been told that we need to accept them.

Well, I’m here to tell you that I’m done accepting other people’s false truisms. I’m done being told to accept and believe their lies.

I’m done playing the patsy and pretending what they say is true. It’s not. I’m going to stand up and say that I FIRMLY believe that SIZE DOES MATTER. The bigger the tool, the better.

Yes, how you use it matters, but if you are starting with a small, inadequate tool, you will always be wondering about what you are missing out on.

When it comes down to it, in the end, you can only do so much with a few inches. It’s frustrating and just never fully satisfies.

If you are lucky and wise to have found a big tool to play with and use, and those of you out there who have know who you are, then you know what I am talking about.

No more frustration from not being able to finish the job without having to jump through hoops or make up for its limited size.

No more having to always be flipping things over, turning around, trying to make it stay when it wants to just keep slipping off and falling because it’s just too small.

A big, properly sized tool is just a pleasure to use. It fits well, doesn’t let things roll or slide off and gives you the size you need to really fool around and discover your inner creative self.

It lets you use your imagination, to discover, to see new things instead of spending and wasting your time trying to make a small, inadequate tool do the job of a big, pleasurable one.

We all know we want this tool. We know we should always get the biggest tool of its type that we possibly can. We appreciate its self healing ability for those times that we may have used it too much or too hard.

We don’t have to worry, just give it a little time and it will spring back from all the hard use we put it through. It’s durable and meant to last for many, many years of pleasurable enjoyment. If you don’t have a private room to use it and store it in, just keep it under your bed.

But please, whatever you do to it or how you use it, please don’t roll it up and toss it in a corner. It needs to be kept in a prone position if it is going to continue to give you years of pleasure and enjoyment.

Yes it comes with lines on both sides, and unlike our own lines, these lines are really highly appreciated. Wrinkles they are not, they are nice, straight 30, 45 and 60 degree angles. I personally find myself using the 60 degree angle the most.

I like a nice, strong angle that I know is there to help me see my dreams, my desires and my imaginations come true.

It’s an intriguing tool, too, having both a light and dark side to it because as we all know, sometimes you can see better when with the dark side. Just choose the light or the dark side to stop any boredom from setting in.

Give it a gentle caress with a soft lint-free cloth when you are done using it. You want to keep those new cut lines free from small debris and lint so that they will heal, otherwise, foreign particles will get into the cut lines and clog its pores.

When you have finished for the day, be sure to store it either flat or hanging from the wall. Let it have a meaningful rest so that it will be there and fulfill your needs the next time around.

Now, like me, go forth and set your imagination free with this tool! And remember, the bigger the tool, the better!

If you liked this review, Follow me on Amazon if you wish to be notified as I post new reviews. I promise they will always be meaningful and never of penny ante junk. Oh, and no, it doesn’t come anymore with the California Prop 65 sticker — mine was naked!” – CS

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3. OLFA 18″ x 24″ Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat (RM-SG) – Double Sided 18×24 Inch Cutting Mat with Grid for Quilting, Sewing, Fabric, & Crafts, Designed for Use with Rotary Cutters

Top-rated: 1,270 ratings

OLFA 18 x 24 Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat (RM-SG)

Credit: Amazon.com

Informative Review: “Very glad I purchased this mat – makes cutting super easy and looks nice sitting on my desk with my sewing machine on top of it.

A lot of reviews complained about the smell – mine didn’t smell at all (and I have a strong sense of smell). I wonder if there was a “bad batch”?

Do not let that deter you from the cutting mat of your dreams!” – Amazon Customer

Another Helpful Review: “I really love the convenience of using the rotary cutter/Olfa mat combo. It is SO much faster than cutting by hand, and after practising for only a few minutes, I was cutting accurately and quickly.

The only reason I did not give 5 Stars (because it IS an awesome product) is because apparently there are some toxins that may be released from these cutting mats. If that had been disclosed up front, I could have researched it for myself.

I probably would have gone ahead and bought it anyway, but if people are concerned about this it is a little late to do anything about it after it’s in your house. Amazon makes returns very easy to do; however, I waited a long time for this mat (already had the rotary cutter) so I chose not to return it. I do love the speed and convenience that these mats help facilitate.” –

One More Review: “This matt, coupled with a rotary cutter and some Omnigrid rulers makes measuring and cutting fabric so much easier than trying to cut patterns out with scissors.

You can cut several pieces at a time, so cutting quilt pieces is so much easier using these tools. It is self-healing, saves your work table from cuts and scratches and extends the life of your rotary blades.

It has a smooth surface that is marked and ruled with yellow measurement lines to make measuring and cutting the right size easier, and plain green with no lines on the reverse side. It can be used on either side. I’m very happy with this self-healing matt.” – Raed Haed

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4. Cricut FabricGrip Adhesive Cutting Mat 12″x24″, High Density Fabric Craft Cutting Mat, Made of Material to Withstand Increased Pressure

Top-rated: 50,893 ratings

Cricut FabricGrip Adhesive Cutting Mat

Credit: Amazon.com

Informative Review: “I’ve tried so many other mats, but none of them were as good. There was just always something off with them.

Like being too sticky or not sticky enough. These light mats are just right for my needs. After all my experimentation I decided to just stick with the Cricut brand mats.

And these packs are a good deal.” – Anna

Another Helpful Review: “These adhesive mats are the perfect thing to use when cutting thick items like burlap, foam, fleece, stabilizers, etc.

Circuit even advertises it will hold balsa wood. The only problem is the mats get worn out quickly when cutting fabric such as fleece or stabilizer, and cleaning the stuff out of the grooves in the mats is hard on the hands — hence the 4 stars for durability.

Nonetheless am thrilled to not have to cut these things by hand with a rotary cutter due to my arthritis — so will definitely purchase again!” – MissB

One More Review: “These mats seem a lot better than the mats I used with my old cricut years ago. The light grip mat is particularly handy, I use it with construction paper, and when I’m doing drawing-only designs on light cardstock (if I use the medium grip mats when only drawing, it’s hard to get a whole sheet of cardstock up without bending it).

Haven’t used the heavy-grip mat. I doubt I’ll use that very often, but it’s good to know I’ll have it if I need it.

These will last you a while, and for new Cricut users, don’t forget to search forums and YouTube for tips on using your mat.

You can save paper by putting multiple scraps onto it, and planning your layout based on putting each item to cut out in the exact spot you have a particular color of scrap on (this is where the grid lines on the mat and in Cricut Design Space come in handy).

You can also turn your mat around and put it in backwards, and there are ways to get lint off your mat, and to re-sticky your not-so-sticky old mats.

Make sure you are using the right grip mat for the job, and for the paper. And if your paper is tearing, don’t assume you need a new blade.

I did, and I was so mad that I “needed” a new blade when the German carbides are supposed to last so long. Thankfully, before I bought new ones, I did research.

I assumed I needed to cut deeper, because the blade was “dull”. Nope. Turns out if your cutting depth is too deep for the paper, it will actually tear MORE.

Also, more intricate cuts or more fibrous paper may need to be cut multiple times. (Research how to use the custom settings, and when you need multiple cuts.)

In addition, temperature and humidity can affect whether the paper tears more easily or not. In my particular case, the construction paper needed a light grip mat, and custom settings.

The setting for construction paper wasn’t good enough, so I used the construction paper setting, but cut it 3 times (two times wasn’t quite enough).

Now it works perfectly! There can be a learning curve with the cricut, but YouTube tutorials help a lot, and it’s so worth it to educate yourself. A few helpful tips can make for a great Cricut experience.” – DesertBlossom

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5. Arteza Rotary Cutting Mat, 18 x 24 Inches, Self-Healing, with Grid Lines and Non Slip Surface, for Fabric, Paper, and Vinyl, Durable and Flexible

Top-rated: 1,718 ratings

Arteza Rotary Cutting Mat

Credit: Amazon.com

Informative Review: “I initially rated this 3 stars, because I was very frustrated. I got this along with an OmniGrid ruler. The mat claims its grid is in inches, but it doesn’t match the OmniGrid ruler’s inches, or another ruler I have.

The mat’s “inches” are a little small, so you can’t use the mat to accurately measure. Also, instead of marks at half, quarter, and eighth inches, there are 10 marks per inch. What?

I then got an OmniGrid mat. The measurements on that mat are accurate. But I discovered that this ARTEZA mat has a nice feature the OmniGrid lacks. There’s a dot in the middle of each inch square, so you can do super-quick 1/2-inch (approximately) measurements.

I am making face masks and am placing ties 1/2 inch from top and bottom, so I am using this feature many times per day. I use the OmniGrid mat to accurately cut my fabric. But then I use the ARTEZA mat to place the ties for sewing. So, I came back and revised my review, and changed the rating to 4 stars.

The ARTEZA mat does seem durable and self-healing, so if you don’t care about using the mat to measure precisely, it works well.” – Ann

Another Helpful Review: “I purchased this mat to work on things like soldering electronics, 3D printed parts, fixing cell phones and computers as well as assembling various projects.

So far, I like this mat as it has a nice weight and texture with clear colors, white with dark letters on one side, gray on the other side, and the anti-glare feature is a nice touch. I had no problems with odors

The only issue I have with this, is the inch and half-inch marks are correct the other marks are way off. I use a ruler anyway as I need metric and imperial measurements with a lot of the projects I work on.

I wish this had metric measurements along with imperial, maybe one side metric, and the other inches or somehow combine them on one side.” – Dean Porter

One More Review: “This ARTEZA self healing Rotary Cutting mat is great for all kinds of hobbies. Mine is fine detail modeling.

I’m putting together my hobby table, getting ready to work on a 1/200 scale model of the Titanic. And, after that, the USS Arizona.

Paper modeling requires very fine cutting work. And, even though a hobby knife works differently than a rotary cutter (which is more like a super sharp pizza cutter) this mat will still work perfectly for me.

None of the paper stock is so thick that it requires very much pressure, and I keep all my blades razor sharp.

So, the mat will not be abused in this project. It’s the perfect work area, protecting my desk or table from any cuts. Five stars.” – Mikel Berry

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6. WA Portman Self Healing Cutting Mat and Rotary Cutter Set

Top-rated: 1,639 ratings

WA Portman Self Healing Cutting Mat and Rotary Cutter Sett

Credit: Amazon.com

Informative Review: “This kit includes everything to get comfortable cutting small pieces of fabric. I was even able to cut 2-3mm thick leather strapping.

The Rotary Blade is sharp and happy that extras are included (thats a LOT of cutting) – Great Value.

The handle is very easy to use. Just a gentle squeeze and the blade descends for all your rotary cutting needs. Very Durable cut surface as well.

I highly recommend especially if you are new to fabric crafts.” – Greg Rider

Another Helpful Review: “This cutting mat is good quality and looks like it will hold up for quite a while. It comes with accessories and is ready to use.

I had not use a cutting mat before and will use this one for crafts as I actually did not buy one big enough for cutting out patterns to sew, which is what I had bought it for.

I will definitely use it for a small items and for other craft projects.” – Barbara McGuire

One More Review: “I was really excited about getting the rotary cutter and couldn’t wait to use it but I was so disappointed when I opened the package.

The rotary cutter was unable to.cut a piece of Terry cloth so I decided to change the blade. After putting in a new blade it did work much better but I had to go over it more than once.

The safety mechanism for locking the rotary cutter is not working so you’re unable to lock it. The cutter actually feels like it’s falling apart. I just wasted my money.

Update: the Company reached out to me and offered a refund and replaced the rotary cutter. The new cutter is working great and I have no further.” – Debbie

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