I Tested And Ranked The Best Clothing Steamers In 2024

Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, a meticulous professional, or someone who simply wants to present their best self, the right steamer can be your secret weapon. This hands-on review will help you easily get the best clothing steamers.

Please be advised that the prices and ratings provided are accurate as of the time of writing.

1. Conair Handheld Travel Garment Steamer for Clothes, CompleteSteam 1100W, For Home, Office, and Travel

Top-rated: 10,587 ratings

Conair Handheld Travel Garment Steamer

Credit: Amazon.com

Informative Review: “I bought this two days before a trip to a bridal shower I had to travel to. I called the hotel in advance to see if there was a clothes steamer on-site, and was informed that there was not, only the standard ironing board and iron.

I decided to purchase this one and hope for the best as I hate ironing and always have wrinkled clothes when I travel.

It was relatively easy to travel with. I had it in the side pocket of a duffel bag, which I carried onto the plane.

Thoughts: This worked really well! It took all the wrinkles out of my dresses in minutes along with the shirts I had folded but got shifted during travel causing those pesky wrinkles.

The only con is that the water from the steamer evaporated into steam very quickly (maybe 10-15 mins of steam), and the instructions state that you must turn off the unit after the water is evaporated and wait until cool down to refill the vessel.

I was able to do one long dress before it ran out and then I let it cool down throughout the day and refilled the vessel to steam two other shirts before it again ran out of steam.

But overall I’m happy with the product. It did a great job for what I needed it to do!” – Kim K

Another Helpful Review: “I get that the steamer is meant to be used as a portable object but the only problem I saw is that the water tank it has is too small and you end up running out of water fairly fast.

In addition to this, the way the water filling system works I feel it is very uncomfortable for the users (I tried filling it up in the sink and it was hard because of the size of it.)

Other than that, I have to say that this steamer does the job, and it is a very good product, especially for traveling or if you are someone who does not have enough space at home.” – henry plested

One More Review: “While using this lasts only for a short time (about 5 minutes), it doesn’t take that long for it to cool down enough for me to refill.

Haven’t had to wait for it to be completely cool. Just enough to be able to take the top off without worry of steam pressure rushing out and causing burns.

The reason I bought this wasn’t just for clothing. But to use on our cats areas to help cut down on fleas. I worked great. I’ve used it on clothing and curtains.

My granddaughter was impressed how fast it worked on her new shirt that was covered in wrinkles. Not one wrinkle left and still had water left in the steamer. So, she brought out another shirt to use it on.

I’ve had it a short time, but we’ve used it a bunch already.” – Pixieled

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2. Rowenta X-Cel Plastic Handheld Steamer for Clothes 1600 watts 25-Second Fast Heat-Up, Powerful Continuous or On Demand Steam, 3in1 Attachment Portable

Top-rated: 5,318 ratings

Rowenta X-Cel Plastic Handheld Steamer

Credit: Amazon.com

Informative Review: “I am so excited to have the Rowenta Steamer. It is so lightweight and portable with a long cord. It comes with two settings, TURBO and DELICATE and one can definitely see the difference in output.

It begins working in less than a minute at steam temp. I like the crease tool for creases, too. It comes with an over-the-door hanger which is very sturdy, along with a fabric brush and a delicate brush.

I appreciate its anti-bacterial, anti-virus capacity, especially in our COVID 19 environment. I have a dog and a cat.

I am anxious to use it to reduce washing their beds and reducing odors as they are way too large for my washer capacity. The heat plate gets HOT!.

I accidentally touched it after turning it off. The instructions clearly state DO NOT touch it as it gets HOT.

My mind saw the heat-plate, not as an iron plate, but more like a non-iron plate. lol. It burns, but it cooled down after 5 minutes.

Unfortunately, I have to return for a replacement as mine was spitting. I attempted to decalcify it, but rust started spitting. I am certain it must have been a return which was sent, rather than a new one, in error. But I can’t wait for the replacement. I will update when it returns.

This is an UPDATE. I just received my new replacement in a matter of a few days from this review. I am amazed at the customer support. Thank you.” – Robin Scott

Another Helpful Review: “My hairdresser, who is from India and has some very fine silk clothing, highly recommended the Rowenta steamer.

I decided to pick one up, and have had an excellent experience with it. Now, instead of taking shirts to the dry cleaner, I put them in the steam refresh cycle in my dryer, and then use the Rowenta to take out the remaining wrinkles.

We also used the Rowenta to take out creases in a tablecloth we had just purchased, and it took them out effortlessly.

I still have my old-school iron, but with this Rowenta, I never use it any more. A highly effective product!” – Everyday Consumer

One More Review: “I’ve really been wanting a steamer, but nervous about if I’d find one that’s worth it or a total joke for a steamer. This steamer y’all is THE ONE to get. Comes with attachments that work and easy to change.

Ironing can be such a hassle so I really wanted a quality steamer to get the job done when I have a lot that would normally need ironed. I’m able to do all my husbands work shirts and pants and they are just as good as if I were to iron them like I use to.

I love using it on my shirts that were folded and have wrinkles that I want to wear that day, just plug this steamer in and turn on and my shirt is ready to go within a few minutes.

I’ve borrowed other steams from friends and they just don’t seem to get as many wrinkles out as this one.

I haven’t tried ironing anything that would like lay down flat, I hang everything from a hanger and iron (it comes with an over the door hook to hang hangers on which is nice!) it’s not ideal for travel because it is pretty big and I’d be nervous about it accidentally getting crushed unless you very carefully pack it, but it would take up a bit of room.

So end of the story, I would highly recommend this for a hime needing a good steamer.” – Kirsti

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3. Conair Handheld Garment Steamer for Clothes, Turbo ExtremeSteam 1875W, Portable Handheld Design, Strong Penetrating Steam

Top-rated: 16,496 ratings

Conair Handheld Garment Steamer for Clothes

Credit: Amazon.com

Informative Review: “On a recent vacation, the Conair steamer was provided by our hotel. I loved it and decided to order one, but after seeing the excellent reviews for the Electrolux Handheld Steamer, I ordered them both and compared them side-by-side.

Here are the results:

Overall winner: It depends on what is important to you, but I’ll be keeping the Conair.

Packaging winner: Conair
Conair came in minimal packaging straight from Amazon without an additional box.
Electrolux came in a “keepsake” box inside another Amazon box.

There is no need for the extra packaging. I know the “keepsake” box is important to some people, but I have no idea why. It just becomes more trash.

Appearance/size/balance winner: Electrolux
The Electrolux is beautiful to look at, feels very good in the hand, has a lower center of gravity than the Conair so it is not as top heavy, and is shorter, making it easier to store.

One downside of the Electrolux design is that your hand can slide up and touch the steamer area, which gets very hot to the touch.

Steam settings winner: Conair
Conair has 5 steam settings. You may not need all these settings, but there is a nice range to accomodate delicate to sturdy materials.

Electrolux only has 2 steam settings and the highest setting did not seem as hot/effective as Conair’s highest setting.

Accessories winner: Conair
Both steamers came with a fabric brush, but the Conair brush includes a rubber rib along the bottom that helps pull the fabric taught as the steam and brush pass over the fabric, helping to remove wrinkles and allow the steam to better penetrate the fabric. (The Electrolux also comes with a lint brush, if that is important to you.)

Cord length winner: Electrolux
Conair 9 ft.
Electrolux 13 ft.

Water reservoir and water requirements winner: Electrolux
Conair is supposed to be used with distilled water, which is expensive and inconvenient. In addition, the spigot hole is so small it would make filling it with distilled water extremely difficult.

Electrolux can use tap water and the reservoir has a larger hole, making it easier to fill.

Removal of wrinkles winner: Conair
Between the two rows of steam rather than one, the multiple steam setting options, and the ribbed fabric brush, the Conair Steamer removed more wrinkles faster than the Electrolux.

(While I’ll be keeping the Conair, I wish I could have the best of Electrolux’s steamer on the Conair – the prettier design and feel in the hand, its smaller size and longer cord, a bigger hole for water input, and the ability to use tap water, which, to be honest, is what I’ll probably be doing.)” – D. M. Dunn

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4. Sunbeam 1200W Steam Burst Handheld Steamer for Clothes, Dual Steam Settings, 30-Second Fast Head-Up, Bristle Brush Attachment

Top-rated: 1,620 ratings

Sunbeam 1200W Steam Burst Handheld Steamer for Clothes

Credit: Amazon.com

Informative Review: “The main purpose for which I purchased this was to get wrinkles out of some blackout curtains that hadn’t fallen out on their own for more than 6 months (I guess they never would have).

This steamer did an excellent job on the lowest steam setting and probably could have done it even faster on a higher setting, but I didn’t want to risk damaging the cloth.

Before purchasing, I did a good amount of research, and while I’m confident I could have done the job with something maybe half the price, I really wanted something that had the capability of handling everything from light to heavy duty – and wouldn’t leak water all over my hardwood flooring in the process.

This Sunbeam Professional Steamer is one of the more powerful handheld models I found, has 5 settings (including 1 dry mode, and 4 steam modes), Comes with 1 upholstery and 1 delicate fabric ‘bonnet’, an 8’ cord (I used a heavy duty extension cord for anything beyond that reach), a non-leaking reservoir and pump system, and an excellent nonstick face that can be used vertically or horizontally.

So far I have put this to use on 12 curtain panels, one skirt (my wife’s), and one neck-tie, and it’s done an amazing, quick and efficient job on each (and no leaks)!

Now for some criticisms/gripes:

1) It is a little heavy for extended use, but I expected that. This isn’t so much a gripe or a criticism, I guess, but more of an observation for those with limited arm strength.

2) while the bonnets are good and useful tools, the condensation that forms on them, does begin to drip fairly quickly. The machine itself isn’t leaking, it’s simply the condensation on the accessory bonnets.

Once you remove them, the dripping will cease! If your application and environment won’t be harmed, the bonnets are still excellent tools to use. I did want to note that this would be an issue for any brand of steamer that uses bonnets and is not a particular problem with this model.

The bonnets are optional, so I simply took the delicate fabric bonnet off to protect my floors and continued on without further trouble.

3) The design of the water reservoir could have been better in terms of removal from the machine. When you press the release button, the reservoir needs to be pulled forward to be released.

However, there really isn’t much on the reservoir to hold onto in order to get it off. What I am doing, is with the steamer off and facing me, I am pushing the release button and pulling on the reservoir’s edge just under that release button.

It does the job, but just seems more difficult than it should be. This is the one design flaw that I feel needs be addressed on the next iteration without question.

For now, I have some rubberized grip tape that I may install, to create a couple gripping surfaces on the sides of the tank to aid in removal.

4) When putting the reservoir back onto the machine, the tank needs to be aligned top and bottom and then pressed straight in.

This is not a problem and isn’t difficult. If, however, you don’t press the tank inward with a positive, purposeful motion, you’ll end up getting a little leakage in the process. I simply make sure to reinstall the tank over the counter or sink or anything else I don’t mind getting a few drops of water on. No biggie!

The machine goes right back to normal and doesn’t leak in use.

5) Probably my second biggest gripe next to the reservoir removal issue! I’d really have liked Sunbeam to have included some type of reusable box like the one Electrolux provides with some of their models.

The only box you get is standard cardboard and without re-inserting the cardboard shipping supports, the whole thing just kinda flops around inside.

The Electrolux has a decent box designed for storage rather than the recycling bin – I wish Sunbeam had been as thoughtful. This isn’t a deal breaker, but I see this (and the reservoir issue) as real areas of opportunity for an otherwise excellent product.

Sunbeam has a real winner in the making and certainly an excellent product as is! Since this is only my 2nd day of ownership, my long term review will have to wait.

I will post any pertinent updates as and if they arise, for now, I can honestly say, that knowing the several other sunbeam products I own and my experience thus far, I have no reservations in recommending this product to anyone looking for quality and versatility in a larger more powerful handheld steamer.” – JS

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5. Conair Handheld Garment Steamer for Clothes, ExtremeSteam 1200W, Portable Handheld Design

Top-rated: 13,017 ratings

Credit: Amazon.com

Conair Handheld Garment Steamer for Clothes, ExtremeSteam 1200W

Informative Review: “I’ve been using the Conair Handheld Garment Steamer for Clothes for about a month now, and I absolutely love it. It’s so easy to use, and it does a great job of removing wrinkles from all types of fabrics.

I’m always on the go, so I appreciate how portable and lightweight the steamer is. It heats up in just 40 seconds.

Overall, I’m extremely happy with the Conair Handheld Garment Steamer for Clothes. It’s a great value for the price, and it’s made my life so much easier.

I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a convenient and effective way to remove wrinkles from their clothing.” – vasiliki

Another Helpful Review: “I actually already owned a steamer that worked so-so (compared to this one!) but would get so heavy and awkward in my hands that I was having a hard time with pain so I looked around for a lighter clothing steamer.

I got lucky on the first try! This is the best steamer I have EVER had, and I’ve had a few. Even with a full tank, it is not too heavy for my hands and the steam flows precisely where it is supposed to, consistently without any stops, starts or sputtering of water.

I used to always have to use the big bulky pad to protect my hand from the heat with my old steamer, but I don’t have to with this one. I think because it works so well therefore the steam goes straight ahead versus big plumes coming out around the sides if that makes sense.

I am very happy that I found this and I hope to have it for many years to come.” – Poco’s Picks

One More Review: “Great quality. Great heat. 2 control settings. Easy to use. Using on curtains for now. Had to replace older model GS54. Quit pumping water and leaked had to reseal water tank. Have been using for years to clean curtains just died this year.

You could stand that up. But this one had round bottom so can’t stand at up. And both have a little weight to them. But easy to use.

This one had no metal parts all plastic so can’t get burned that easy. Wife is once again happy she can clean those curtains. Did use Tobi at a time but to short of hose. This is way easier to use no hose at all.

Life is way better with out any hassle. Water storage tank looks better then GS45 also. So might not have to reseal this one. All in all worked out great.” – william mcmillan

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6. Conair 2-in-1 Handheld Steamer and Iron for Clothes, Turbo ExtremeSteam 1875W Garment Steamer and Clothing Iron

Top-rated: 2,779 ratings

Conair 2-in-1 Handheld Steamer and Iron for Clothes

Credit: Amazon.com

Informative Review: “Likes: Produces enough steam, quickly comes up to temperature, comes with useful attachments, and useful functionality as a steamer or as an iron.

Dislikes: Priced $30 too high, tends to spurt water along with the steam, too small water container, water container too hard to pull out, must use distilled water, no need for Mode or Steam button—just needs a single numbered dial for the steam intensity (or not—always having high intensity is good enough because there are included attachments to reduce the amount of steam hitting the garment) and have it always turn the steam off when you set it down (rather than having to set that feature with the Mode button), and product is a bit large.

I almost returned this steamer (for all the Dislikes reasons) but decided to keep it because it produces sufficient steam. I’ll continue to research other steamers before making my final decision.” – Marc Marcus

Another Helpful Review: “I don’t really understand the negative reviews. I discovered this steamer during a 7 day stay at the Nobu Hotel as Caesar in Las Vegas.

It worked so well for me that I googled it to see where I could find it. I was delighted to find it on Amazon. I ordered it right away but was a little worried that it was not the same quality as the one at the hotel because of the bad reviews.

It turns out to be the same quality. I love it. I only use it for steaming and it knocks out wrinkles with one pass. It is a little heavy but no problem as long as you limit the number of items to steam at one time.” – Sasha66

One More Review: “Bought this to replace a small travel steamer. However, it was much bigger than expected so this is now my at-home steamer! It is a ton bigger than I thought, but the benefit is that it steams huge areas quickly!!

It heats up almost immediately, and the various heat and steam settings make this adjustable to your needs.

I haven’t used the attachments for pleats or delicates yet but I like having the options.

It has gotten out some stubborn wrinkles that I thought I was just destined to be stuck with on clothes after washing.

So far, loving this steamer.” – Stephanie M

Another One Review: “I received this a couple of weeks ago and have already used it enough to be able to donate my iron and small steamer away, in order to save space in my small apartment.

I tested it on a wrinkled linen shirt and I don’t think that shirt has ever looked better. I also used it in the horizontal position to steam my mattress and pillows, and it did just great – not a leak in sight.

Now to decide if I should give away my ironing board as well. It’s too big for traveling tho, in my opinion.

*UPDATE – after just a couple of weeks, unit began sputtering and leaving lots of big wet spots on my clothing, even when used vertically.

Contacted Conair directly and the woman suggested I descale it by filling the chamber with a 50/50 solution of water and white vinegar, then let it steam vertically for a while. Did that and now it’s back to working perfectly. Hadn’t seen that tip anywhere.” – PMv

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