I Tested And Ranked The Best Sewing Chair for Back Pain In 2024

I tested the best sewing chair for back pain on Amazon and picked the ones that exceeded my expectations. They are comfortable and suitable for the back.

Please be advised that the prices and ratings provided are accurate as of the time of writing.

1. Boss Office Products Be Well Medical Spa Stool with Back in Vinyl

Top-rated: 8,390 ratings

Boss Office Products Be Well Medical Spa Stool with Back in Vinyl

Credit: Amazon.com

Helpful Informative Review: “I have severe mobility problems and I can’t ‘stand’ in the kitchen any more. But my kitchen is NOT wheelchair friendly (way too small and everything is too high up).

I’ve worn out 2-3 rolling chairs — particularly the hydraulics on anything small enough for the kitchen isn’t heavy duty enough for me. ! – I like that it is chrome — it is heavy duty and doesn’t “creak” under me. 2 — even at the lowest setting it’s higher than most office chairs “high”. 3 – the seat is larger than some — which for me is good.

OK — discussion re: “reality” — someone else mentioned this so be careful when you consider this. This chair IS fast. So either make danged sure you have hold of it when you sit down or roll it back against something when you sit down because it could go out from under you easily. Particularly if you are a short person !!! I have to really raise myself up way higher than normal to sit down on this.

For me — I’m so short I’m really handicapped by my own kitchen because even reaching into the sink can be torture. This chair — at it’s lowest setting — makes it possible for me to do dishes and reach into the sink to wash something. Because it is already at it’s lowest setting I truly don’t have to give a fig about the hydraulic because at it’s lowest setting it’s FINE for me.

None of the rolling chairs are at all good at being descriptive about how “high” they are – you can’t tell if the measurement is from the bottom of the seat or the top (this one is from the top) — but the seat is 3″ of very stiff foam. This seat is not going to break down overnight.

I am really very happy with this — it’s sturdy, it’s height works well for me where I must use it. But I am extremely cautious how I sit down on it — I make sure my behind is squarely ON the seat — but I also make sure I’m not too far back or it could tip over!!

For me, it works best to back the seat up to a cabinet and sit down with my back to the cabinet — it ensures I don’t go too far back, but it also ensures it doesn’t roll out from under me.

Sorry to be so verbose – -but I agonized over this decision for weeks because I felt like none of the descriptions were adequate — and I read every review and tried to apply them to what “reality” would be to have this in my home.

If you are tall — it’s going to be a whole different story. If you are wanting to have it very high – I can’t tell you a thing. But given the million office chairs I’ve had in my life this is sturdy and well constructed and the cost was reasonable.” – Callie Critturs

Informative Review: “I previously had an ergonomic $400 Swedish made tilting saddle stool. Saddle stools may be great at preventing back problems, but as I had learned they can aggravate existing conditions such as spinal stenosis which I have.

I bought this chair to replace the saddle stool and am extremely happy with it. The seat padding is very thick. The back pain I had developed with the expensive saddle stool is almost completely gone.

The only negative thing about this stool is that the screws under the seat need to be tightened relatively often or they will fall out. Still, I am so happy with this stool overall that I am not going to take away a star just for that.” – KM

Another Helpful Review: “Easily one of the BEST purchases I’ve made, recently!
I purchased this to use at my computer desk, especially when editing photos. My monitor is large and elevated & this stool is perfect as it sits higher than a regular chair. Also, when not in use it slides right underneath and out of the way.
The seat is comfy and quite large, making it feel very stable.
It rolls effortlessly on the hardwood floor.
Definitely worth the price!” – Karen

One More Review: “I love this chair! I researched everywhere to find the best chair to sit in while I painted at my easel. This far surpassed what I thought I would end up with. I put it together in minutes. Really easy. When I sat on it at my easel, after adjusting it to correct height, it was so comfortable.

I especially like the back support. It also swivels and has wheels. What more do i need?! I 100% recommend this chair to all artists and to anyone who needs some support and comfort while doing whatever it is they do.

Oh, and its great for musicians as well being that it has no arms to get in the way of a guitar (great for piano too!.) Don’t think twice about purchasing this one. I am so happy I bought this.” – Jeannp

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2. Serta AIR Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair High Back Ergonomic for Lumbar Support Task Swivel, Bonded Leather, Light Gray

Top-rated: 2,165 ratings

Serta AIR Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair

Credit: Amazon.com

Informative Review: “Pretty happy with this chair, it’s very comfortable and supports the back really well. I switched from a gaming chair that fully reclined so that was something to get used to since this one doesn’t have a recline feature it just leans back like a normal computer chair but it is pretty much far enough.

The biggest down side for me is the back rest doesn’t come up high enough so you can’t really rest your head on it and still look straight ahead at the computer screen unless you slide down in the chair which does kind of work but gets uncomfortable after a while.

But once you get used to it that kind of becomes a non issue really so overall it’s pretty good.

The molding quality and finish of the plastic for the arm rests and base looks pretty cheap not what you would expect for a 260 dollar chair but the material of the actual cushion is good quality I would say hopefully it holds up over time and doesn’t peel like some chairs.” – Nick636n8r

Another Helpful Review: “I bought this chair because it looks great. The MFG website and Amazon website has INCORRECT dimensions of the seat back.

The TRUE seat back interior dimensions from the top of the seat to the top of the seat back are ONLY 24.5”, NOT the posted 28.5”.

I’m 5’9” tall and the base of my neck just reaches the top of the seat back.
If the seat back was taller, it’s a good comfortable chair and I would have kept it.” – RoxburyRebel – Jersey

One More Review: “I’m knocking off a star because the back just isn’t as high as my old Serta executive chair and the recline function doesn’t go back as far.

Sometimes, I like to put my feet up on my desk during conference calls or video training classes, and this chair doesn’t recline back as far. I guess it’s what I can expect for the price, so the value is there if you want a decent $200 chair – this one is worth the price.

The seat and back are comfortable and feel decent, so it’s really not a bad chair for the money. My only gripe is I like to recline back further and have a place for me head to rest.” – S. Shook

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3. Flash Furniture Clayton Mid-Back Pink Quilted Vinyl Swivel Task Office Chair

Top-rated: 2,660 ratings

Flash Furniture Clayton Mid-Back Pink Quilted Vinyl Swivel Task Office Chair

Credit: Amazon.com

Informative Review: “NOTE: Bought this used like new from AmazonWarehouse. Unfortunately the plastic covering that covers the chair cylinder was broken on arrival. Amazons support points to having me open a ticket with the manufacturer to see if they can replace the part.

Manufactures website requires a vendor login? I opened a ticket under “other” I will update my review and experience once I have more info after talking with the Manufacturer.

UPDATE: Opening a ticket with the manufacturer was really easy, they just needed a copy of the invoice, a shipping address and a bill, they mailed the part 2 day shipping no questions asked, very impressed.

As far as how the chair fits. I’m 6’1 – 215 lbs and frequent the gym. with the chair in the full position, I can sit properly and comfily. It has a nice firm back.

The back is unadjustable with no tilt, but it sits in a way that is conferrable if you enjoy sitting upright and not tilted back in the chair. I purchased this with no arms, but got one with arms.

Instructions were pictures with no words. It was easy to construct, parts were clearly labeled, with direction arrows on the parts that were direction sensitive. Comes with the wrench to assemble, no tools required.

I did have some trouble getting the cushions together, if you fasten both parts lightly and then adjust as needed then tighten down it will be easier then tightening them down all the way then going to the next part.

TL:DR: Solid chair, firm back, good choice, easy to construct

UPDATE2: Chair lasted until November 2021, and by no fault of the chair design itself. (My cat decided to turn it into his personal scratch post). As far as mechanically, the chair upheld through daily regular use through 14 hour a day use.

The padding did ware down a little in the seat, but that’s to be expected. Considering the amount that I paid for this chair and its useful life, I’d highly recommend it. I did not purchase another one, as I wanted something that would look more professional.

I received NO compensation or discount or other promotion for this review, I believe in providing honest feedback on the products I review to help others make informed choices.” – Upstate Mike

Another Helpful Review: “I was looking for a chair that would fit in the 19” wide space my antique desk has available.

This fits perfectly! It fits the desk, and it fits my 5’2″ frame.

The ONLY adjustment it has though is the height. Neither a seat depth adjustment, nor a back height adjustment on this little guy. It doesn’t tilt or recline, either.

It is however a great pop of color; the size is perfect for me, and the price was right, too!

I have asthma & am very sensitive/reactive to smells. I was expecting this vinyl chair to need some time to offgas, but it was fine & nearly odor-free right from the box!

The cushioning is what kept this from being a 5-star review. There’s simply not much of it at all. I fully expect to have to add a pad to this at some point in the future.” – Rosebee

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4. Amazon Basics Classic Puresoft PU Padded Mid-Back Office Computer Desk Chair with Armrest

Top-rated: 33,504 ratings

Amazon Basics Classic Puresoft PU Padded Mid-Back Office Computer Desk Chair with Armrest

Credit: Amazon.com

Informative Review: “Our two office chairs had reached end of life, so we searched online to find suitable replacements. Price was definitely a factor but not so much that we would take a cheesy one. Well after looking at the reviews, we chose this chair.

It arrived in a reasonably sized box and I was trying to figure out how they could have put everything into that box! Well, first off – READ THE DIRECTIONS.

Otherwise, you may not find the parts that are zippered into the upper back portion of the chair!

Cleverly designed for sure. You nay want to use a hex bit and a electric drill or screwdriver because the hex wrench that comes would take a bit to finish the project.

I got everything laid out and followed the directions and got the chair together in in 10 min. The second one was even less time.

Well, I have been using it for several days and I would say it exceeded my expections. Great value for the money. Would definitely buy it again.” – dh135

Another Helpful Review: “The first shipment came without any documention or assembly instructions included and appeared to be missing parts, so I requested a rma and replacement.

The replacement arrived today and DID have documentation and assembly instructions. With these instructions I saw that the metal parts, wheels, etc., were in a zippered section in the back of the the backrest, which I had not known previously, as the first did not have the necessary insts.

The unit I am returning has nothing wrong with it and had I known the “hidden” parts were there I would have assembled the chair and not have requested a RMA and replacement.” – jim tagit

One More Review: “CONS: Not that easiest chair to put together if you’re new to putting things together. This chair needs two people to hold then screw straight other wise it will not be aligned right.

You need to fill the back of the chair that comes unzipped with cushion or cotton something to take the empty place of the back support. This chair does not fit plus size or for a tall person person.

PROS: Very comfy so far and does the job! I do lives from home for 4 hours sometimes 5 nor my back or butt hurt. This chair is for a short person I am 5’4. It fits me just fine. It was on sale for $50 at the time so that was great!

TIP: When you start to put this chair together most don’t know this that bought the chair. You will have to push Down the material that’s around the screw hole that’s in the chair where you screw in at.

That way you can screw in properly tight and in all the way in and everything is aligned properly. Sometimes you can’t notice cause the material is covering it slightly or hiding it.” – DONT GET

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5. Office Chair, Ergonomic Mesh Home Office Computer Chair with Lumbar Support

Top-rated: 2,140 ratings

Office Chair, Ergonomic Mesh Home Office Computer Chair with Lumbar Support

Credit: Amazon.com

Informative Review: “Instructions and packaging make assembly a breeze. Important to note that the arms should only be tightened 50% until you add the back.

Tighten the four screws all the way to attach the back piece as shown in the instructions, then go back and tighten the arm screws completely.

The only negative thing so far is that the wheels don’t move very easily on carpet. Other than that, the chair is comfortable and seems like it will last. This is the second one l bought.” – Amazonian

Another Helpful Review: “I like the chair overall and got a great price @ $79 dollars seeing it’s now $120 dollars. The wheel rolled nicely for two days I have hardwood floors and weight 180lbs so I don’t think that should be a problem… I have ordered two sets of replacement wheels, if this solution doesn’t resolved the issue I will return the chair.

It took me about 30 minutes to install just the back (final step) of the chair. Took about an hour to assemble, I recommend following the instructions. I will follow up once the new wheel are installed.” – Rick From Burbank

One More Review: “I’ve had the chair for a couple of months and I feel a great difference in terms of general back pain and tension since purchasing this chair instead of using my “gaming/racing” chair.

I use it 8-10 hours a day for gaming/school work and I can comfortably use this chair the entire time whereas my old chair would give me fatigue 2 hours in. The rocking feature feels like you are on a cloud.

My only issue with the chair is that the ergonomics of it make it less suited for upright positions such as being slightly hunched over your keyboard. Only my the tip of my lower spine would touch the chair offering little support.

However, the second you lean back you have an amazing, comfortable, and supportive chair. Overall 4.5/5 stars the value is also great for the quality.” – Jeremy Diaz

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6. edx Ergonomic Office Chair, Reclining High Back Mesh Computer Desk Swivel Rolling Home Task Chair with Lumbar Support Pillow

Top-rated: 1,396 ratings

edx Ergonomic Office Chair

Credit: Amazon.com

Informative Review: “I just received this chair and was able to assemble it within 10-15 minutes as most of it came pre-assembled and they had all the screws packaged and separated in sections.

The great thing is that they offer extra screws, one of each! I had to use one of them as one of the original screws needed for the headrest was dented and thankfully extras were available. It is a really comfortable chair, the seat cushion is thick and is a huge upgrade from the Autofull Gaming chair I had previously.

The cushion is so thick that there’s no need to have an additional cushion on top of it, which I tried doing at first thinking I would need it but I was wrong. If you do try using an additional cushion, you might find yourself sitting higher than needed which will make it extremely hard and uncomfortable to use the headrest. So far so good!

Now if you have thicker thighs like myself, you might find this chair will be a tight fit but I can still sit comfortably. I also find that pulling out the footrest a little and setting it up will give you the ability to sit crisscross applesauce which is great!

As others have said, the footrest is shorter than expected, as a 5’1 woman my feet hang just a tad over it but I still find it comfortable to use. I give this chair 4 stars because of this.

When it comes to tilt adjustment be sure to read the instructions carefully as I didn’t and was left really confused for a few minutes. The back of the chair always moved with me and I thought to myself “This is so convenient!”, then I started thinking, “Shouldn’t this stay in place especially if I want to lean back but not all the way?”

That’s when I reread the instruction manual that comes with the chair, now it’ll tell you to lift in a horizontal direction which I tried doing but then I looked closer at the picture example and they meant to say lift in a vertical direction until you have the angle you find most comfortable.

This is Day One of having this chair, I will update in a month to talk about how it’s holding up!” – Sam Salazar

Another Helpful Review: “Ergonomic Office Chair, Reclining High Back Mesh Chair, Computer Desk Chair, Swivel Rolling Home Task Chair with Lumbar Support Pillow, Adjustable Headrest, Retractable Footrest and Padded Armrests ($99.53)

While working remotely I had been using the dining room table as my “office”. This worked for awhile but distraction after distraction has finally reached its point and I needed a space with a door and a proper office setup.

We set up the room and I needed a proper office chair (not dining room chair). I came across this as it was well reviewed overall and I liked the footrest feature. This was alright to put together (not too bad, no IKEA).

The cushion is a lot more comfortable than I was expecting. I like to roll this chair out in the living area to watch the TV or to video game. This is when the footrest comes in use. The footrest is alright, I am 5’4 and it rests on my calves.

It is not the most comfortable to me, but it works fine. I cannot imagine anyone a lot taller finding the foot rest comfortable. Foot rest is not the sturdiest, it clearly states on the product instructions that this is not meant to hold a lot of weight.

I liked that this included a lumbar pillow. This pillow is loose and unattached, which is a plus for me but not for others. The headrest, height and recline are all adjustable. The recline can be adjusted and locked in place, a feature that I like a lot.

The arm rests are not adjustable so please keep this in mind. Overall I am very pleased with this chair. I hope it lasts and continue to find it comfortable for both work and relaxation.” – Coco P

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