Best Fabric for Circle Skirt (Reviews in 2023)

The circle skirt is undeniably one of the most flattering skirts to ever be in vogue in the textile industry. As much as any stylist can lay their hands on a piece of fabric and bring a circle skirt to life, if the best fabric for a circle skirt is not used, a circle skirt might not give that circle shape in the end. Having full awareness of the suitable fabric to use when making a circle skirt results in your skirt being perfect!

You might be wondering how much fabric you might need to make a circle skirt—no worries, you don’t have to break a bank. Every individual taste differs because while I might prefer my circle skirt short or knee-length, you might like your floor-length. With this, the amount of fabric required varies. If I want a short or knee-length skirt, I would be needing a 45-60 inches fabric of about 2.5 yards. And for someone who prefers a floor-length skirt, a 3 yard material of about 60-90 inches fabric will do.

Another factor that determines how much fabric you might need to make a circle skirt is a person’s size. Everybody does not look the same, and therefore the size of our hips and waist differs. A slim person with a tiny waist will use less fabric than a chubby person.
Many people are stuck on what fabric is the best? Or what material is the best? Here, you’ll become fully aware of the best fabrics readily available and in vogue in the textile industry today to make your circle skirt!

Best Fabric for Circle Skirt Reviews

1. Best cotton fabric for a full circle skirt

Best cotton fabric for a full circle skirt

It is no doubt that cotton, over the years, has won the heart of the textile industry as all or almost all fabrics available today are cotton made due to its ability to withstand high temperatures and control moisture. Its durability, absorbing nature, and strength are also contributing factors.

The cotton muslin fabric has been considered the best cotton fabric to make any circle skirt. It is a plain-woven fabric whose texture is not just fine and smooth but is woven from evenly spun warps and fillings, which allows it to fall into gathers, giving your circle skirt just the style it needs.

From a mere glance, the muslin fabric has a soft feel which explains its lightweight, so your circle skirt is not posing any extra weight on you when you use the muslin fabric. The muslin fabric is one of the fast-selling fabrics in the industry because of its versatility and multipurpose use. The muslin fabric has a lot to offer, and even medical practitioners are not left out in its usage.

Product highlights:

  • Can be bleached or dyed
  • Reusable and reduced waste cycle
  • Can be patterned in the loom

2. Best fabric for circle skirt spoonflower

Best fabric for circle skirt spoonflower

With its ability to allow quilting, the poplin fabric paves the way for it to be one of the most comfortable fabrics. Its lightweight, smooth, silky, and lustrous appearance explains why it is widely purchased. It allows you to feel dry and comfy by evaporating moisture, so you don’t have to worry about putting on your circle skirt when the weather is hot.

Speaking of people’s preference, while I might prefer my circle skirt plain and non-silky, you might like yours lustrous and shiny, which is where the cotton fabric stands out (the poplin fabric is made up of 100% cotton).

Another unique feature of this fabric is that any other cotton fabric can be worn to match it due to its silky appearance. So you’re safe in wearing cotton muslin fabric on a cotton poplin circle skirt! The poplin fabric has a wide range of uses, and many outfits are made from it, like sports wears, raincoats, male and female outfits, and even in some cases, ceremonial dresses are not left out. If you’re still considering whether the cotton poplin fabric is good for you, trust me, you have no worries. It’s the perfect fabric for your circle skirt needs.

Product highlights

  • Come in different colors
  • Easy to sew
  • Ideal for summer apparels
  • Slightly transparent
  • Ice cubes and high heat can be used to remove wrinkles

3. Best fabric for a flowy circle skirt

Best fabric for a flowy circle skirt

The cotton lawn fabric, though it has an un-textured feel, stands out in its area of design. It is a fine, plain weave textile designed with a high thread count yarn. The yarns, either combed or carded, are used to make the lawn fabric. One of the reasons I consider the lawn fabric suitable for a flowy circle skirt is its thread count. A typical lawn fabric has about 150 – 200 thread count. This alone has proven it to be one of the finest forms of cotton fabrics in the textile industry.

All these features are just the tip of the iceberg, giving an insight into what the lawn fabric can offer. If you have ever wondered what fabric is used for making all those pretty button-down shirts. Well, the answer is not far-fetched, they are made from cotton lawn fabric, which explains the smooth finishes button-down dresses usually have. The cotton lawn fabric is also used in making summer apparel.

Product highlights

  • 100% cotton made
  • It makes good underlining
  • It was initially made from linen
  • Opaque in nature, but transparent when sewn in bright colors like pink or white

4. Best fabric for a full circle skirt

Best fabric for a full circle skirt

Coming across a tulle fabric for the first time, I was in awe! What I love most about this fabric is its wide range of uses and how beautiful and pretty it always looks, especially in bright colors. Wondering what our wedding decorations and birthday ribbons are made of? Yeah, you guessed right! They’re made from tulle fabric. There are about 25 yards in a roll which is about 6 inches wide. It is made of rayon, silk, and nylon, which explains its smooth, light-weighted, and silky appearance.

If wedding dresses can be made from tulle fabric, a circle skirt will definitely look pretty! The tulle fabric is a mesh net used to make many outfits, so it is pretty easy to recognize. If made with the tulle fabric, your circle skirt will help keep the gathers in place, and you can be less worried whether your skirt will fit or not! The tulle fabric is flexible and fits just any size.

As much as the tulle fabric is quite expensive, the purchase rate is still relatively high and rapidly increasing due to its wide range of uses and beauty! Flower embellishments, veils, gifts packaging materials are all made from tulle fabric.

If you like to look dashing every time and have this ball girl look, then the tulle fabric is definitely for you!

Product highlights

  • Lead is present in the fabric
  • Never put a tulle fabric in the dryer! Iron instead
  • Tulle is one of the ways of making fabrics

5. Best fabric to make a maxi circle shirt

Best fabric to make a maxi circle shirt

This fabric has a crisp feel because it is similar to cotton but only slightly different. The broadcloth is made by weaving cotton fibers, while cotton is made from woven cotton. This doesn’t make it any less good. Instead, the polyester cotton fabric has great features! It is considered to be medium-weighted, but it is highly durable.

In my personal opinion, I think any circle skirt made from polyester cotton fabric might never rip till you decide to get a new one. Why? The polyester-cotton fabric is very unlikely to rip or tear. This reason has made this particular fabric fast selling in the industry as its commercial usage is impressive. Bedspreads in hospitals are made of polyester due to the fact that they get changed regularly.

With this fabric, you never have to worry about your circle skirt ripping.

Product highlights

  • It is not transparent
  • Can be used to make upholsteries
  • About 50 single – 140 doubles thread count

6. Best fabric for a dancer circle skirt

Best fabric for a dancer circle skirt

Dancing with a tight outfit can be pissing! I mean, dance is a sequence of rhythmic steps and should be done freely. Imagine a ballet dancer in a fitted skirt. Come on! That’s a balle without the t!

The tulle fabric is a great option when it comes to making a dance circle skirt. It is not just a stretchy mesh net. It is pretty! The texture and look call me every time!

The tulle fabric does not settle in for one kind of preference. It suits everyone’s taste! I like my circle skirt short, and you want yours long. I get to feel comfortable in mine, so do you!

Every girl should own at least one outfit sewn with tulle fabric. Why? Tulle means flawless!
Fun fact: Every bride has worn a tulle fabric! Yes, wedding veils and gowns are made from it! And you can indeed say the tulle fabric was created for this purpose. You don’t have to wait till you make your wedding dress before using the tulle fabric. You can make your prom dress out of it! The tulle fabric is versatile!

Product highlights

  • Can be ironed
  • Lead is present in this fabric
  • Flawless and beautiful

Circle Skirt Fabric Buying Guide

Inexpensive Fabric For Circle Skirt

Circle skirts are great! But often, most of the best fabrics used in making them are costly, leaving some people unable to afford them. However, there are so many cheap and affordable fabrics available in the market that can still be used to make a circle skirt.

Examples of such are:

  • Polyester: Polyester is said to be the cheapest fabric available in the market, and yes, it can be used to make a circle skirt. It is durable, so trust your skirt to last for a long time! It dries quickly, doesn’t shrink, but is not absorbent, so it cannot be worn during summer.
  • Viscose: If you’re looking for an inexpensive, fine, and light-weighted fabric, then you should look out for viscose. Viscose is one of those fabrics I would call ‘cheap but sleek’! It is not only absorbent; it has a soft feel that helps to keep you comfy during any weather condition.
  • Flamingo circle skirt fabric
  • Peacock feather circle skirt fabric
  • Vintage vanity circle skirt fabric
  • You can also consider some non-stretch fabric for a circle skirt

So, you don’t have to break a bank to own a circle skirt. You have a variety of inexpensive fabrics to pick from!


How to fold and cut fabric to make a circle skirt

There are over a million stylists globally, and each can have a unique way to fold and cut the fabric to make a circle skirt to get the exact design they want. But, as the name implies, when cutting a circle skirt, you need to cut your fabric out in the shape of a circle. For further details, check this video guide.

What fabric is best for a circle skirt?

Many fabrics are available in the textile industry today, but fishing out which fabric will be perfect for your circle skirt is a necessity! Cotton is one of the best fabrics available in the market, and its multipurpose usage has made it remain on top of the list to date.

A cotton circle skirt will not only last long due to its durability, but its ability to absorb moisture keeping the body warm at all times is impressive.

Cotton blends, rayon, poplin, stretch fabrics, and even linens are fabrics that also top the list. You should consider the type of fabric you want to be based on your taste!

What is the best fabric to use for a maxi circle skirt?

Wool, one of the most expensive fabrics, is literally one of the best fabrics for a maxi circle skirt. Its soft feel makes it very easy to sew, and this kind of fabric is perfect just for a maxi skirt! Linen and silk can also be used to make maxi circle skirts.

Can I make a circle skirt with a border print fabric?

If you’re wondering what a border print is, it is a fabric with a design. Border prints are usually added along one lengthwise edge of the fabric. In some cases, it can be on both edges of the fabric.

You can definitely add a border print to your circle skirt if it suits your taste. Dresses are meant to be extra beautiful, so any idea you think can make yours more beautiful, go for it! Just make sure the border print design matches the color of your skirt!

How to make a circle skirt with fabric glue

I have watched many life hack or DIY videos and seen people transform their old wears into a brand new style with just fabric glue! Fashion is evolving every day, and many people are coming up with ideas to make it even stress-free!

I’m glad to tell you that fabric glue can be used instead of a sewing machine, and literally, anyone can do that! You have to apply the glue to areas you would have seen if you were to use a sewing machine.

Check out this video guide for further details on how to achieve this.


The circle skirt is one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen come to life. As much as it is easy to make, remember your choice of fabric determines how good it will turn out to be. The durability of your circle skirt and the texture of your skirt all depend on the kind of fabric you select at the end of the day. Cotton is unarguably the best fabric for a circle skirt, but there are other fine fabrics that can be used to make other various designs.

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