How Much Does Fabric Cost? Ultimate Price Guide 2023

Have you just discovered that you love sewing clothes for yourself? Or you might be doing it to earn some bucks. It is so much fun to play with fabrics and try new cuts. You would have a question in your mind “How much does fabric cost?”. Price of fabric matters as you know that prices are going up due to escalating production costs. It can be challenging to stay on a budget especially when you have your eyes on luxury materials.

The cost of fabric depends on many factors. Generally, it is based on the quality of fabric and type of fabric. Other factors like fabric weight, type of dye, types of fibers, patterns, and shipping also influence the cost of fabric.

In this article, you will get to know how different factors contribute to the price of fabric, what the expensive and cheap fabrics are, and where you can buy them.

How Much Does Fabric Cost

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How Much Does Fabric Cost?

The overall cost of fabric will depend on the type of fabric and the quality of that fabric. The thickness of the fabric which is termed as “count” also determines the price of fabric. It tells how fine the fabric is.

The fabric weight is another factor that contributes to the price. More weight means more money.
Then, shipment and handling costs influence the end price of the fabric. The final cost varies from store to store for the same type of fabric.

How Much Does a Yard of Fabric Cost?

There is no fixed answer to tell you the cost of fabric per yard. To give you an idea, the average price for quality fabrics ranges between $15-$50 while for luxury fabrics, it goes up to $1000. As you know that several factors affect the cost of fabric, let’s look into the details of factors.

Type of Fabric Material

The type of fabric material highly impacts the price. Cotton and polyester are the cheapest fabrics. They are readily available, lightweight, and easy to produce. Luxury fabrics like wool, silk, fur, cashmere will cost more.

Width of Fabric

Fabric is sold by bolt or by yards. A yard of fabric, the standard unit of measurement, is equal to 36 inches. It denotes the length only. Irrespective of the type of fabric, the length will be measured to 36 inches.

The width of fabric can vary from 36 inches to 108 inches for quilting cotton and sheeting respectively. Since there are various types of fabrics, the width of fabric can be more than 36 inches. Depending on the fabric type, the width will vary and influence the cost of fabric.

Quality of Fabric

The quality of fabric also impacts the cost of fabric as low-quality fabrics require less production cost.

Cotton and polyester are materials that are easy to produce and cheaper than others. But, quality matters. The high-quality cotton and polyester fabrics will cost more than the low-quality cotton and polyester.

Market Competition

Competition among fabric sellers can affect the price of fabric. Different sellers try to buy bulk fabric at a lesser price from the wholesalers to get the most out of their business.

How Much Does Cotton Fabric Cost?

First, you need to know what cotton fabric you desire to get for your project. Do you need a low-quality or high-quality? Should it be traditional or organic cotton? If you want to have patterns or not and what color options do you have.

Fabrics of high quality will cost you more than low-quality ones. Additionally, organic cotton is expensive than traditional cotton. Not to forget, the sourcing cost will also contribute to the price of fabric per yard. So, considering all the elements, the cotton fabric per yard will cost you between $3 and $20. If you are lucky to have a sale going on, then you might get even at a cheaper price.

How Much Does Polyester Fabric Cost?

Polyester fabrics are popular since they are wrinkle-resistant, stain-resistant, and durable. They are man-made and cheaper to produce. Polyester can be used alone in some apparel products but, mostly, polyester is blended with cotton or other natural fibers. This way, the production cost is reduced. It is ideal for outdoor applications due to its resistance to environmental conditions. The polyester fabric will cost you something around $10 for a yard.

Cost of Sunbrella Fabric

Sunbrella fabric is a tough solution-dyed acrylic. It is used for indoor and outdoor furniture as it can withstand extreme weather conditions. This high-performance synthetic fabric is resistant to UV light, mold, and stains. It is perfect for lounge cushions, chair pads, umbrellas, tote bags, and travel accessories.

The cost of Sunbrella fabric per yard ranges from $20 to $50. It varies for different widths. You can get a discount when deals are up.

How Much Does Silk Fabric Cost?

Silk is a natural fabric made of fibroin. It is a shiny material famous for its luxurious look. The silk fibers are usually produced from silkworms that live on mulberry leaves. The cocoon that they create is harvested to make silk. The history of silk dates back to China, which is the biggest producer and supplier of silk.

It feels delicate to touch but, it is one of the strongest fabrics. The time-consuming process and high quality make it a luxurious fabric.

Mulberry silk, Eri silk, and Muga silk are some of the natural types of silk. The most common among them is mulberry silk. Other silks do not come from silkworms. They are produced from spiders and mussels. Some common types include:

  • Charmeuse
  • Chiffon Crepe
  • Organza
  • Georgette
  • Crepe
  • China Silk
  • Velvet

Silk fabric ranges from $5 to $60. The prices vary according to the quality of silk. The mulberry silk will cost you around $60 for a yard. Since mulberry is the highest quality silk so, it is expensive of all. Charmeuse costs $7 to $22, chiffon $5 to $10, while raw silk costs under $10.

Price of Upholstery Fabric

Upholstery includes fabric, stuffing, webbing, and spring that covers the furniture items. This started in the middle ages and became popular over the years. Different materials have been used to provide durability and strength. High-quality materials make a big difference as the furniture items need to last for years. Modern furnished pieces use foam and metal-based springs to provide strength.

Since upholstered items require durability so, thicker fabric works well. And you know that the more the thickness more will be the cost. The price of upholstery fabric ranges from $30 to $60. If you are renewing your home, then you must know that you will be spending loads of money.

How Much Does Nylon Fabric Cost?

Nylon is one of the priciest manmade fibers. It offers greater strength, toughness, and elasticity than other synthetic materials. Nowadays, you mostly get a nylon blend than 100% nylon. It is used in bulletproof vests, swimwear, umbrellas, carpets, lingerie, and many other items.

Some of the popular nylon versions include:

  • Nylon 6
  • Nylon 6,6
  • Kevlar
  • Nomax

The price of this versatile fabric depends on the quality of the material and where you purchase it from. You can have it under $10 per yard. Buying in a larger quantity will be cheaper.

How Much Does a Bolt of Fabric Cost?

A bolt is an industrial unit of measurement for a variety of materials including fabric, wood, and canvas. The dimensions vary depending on the manufacturing, thickness, and quality. The standard length of a bolt of fabric ranges between 40 and 100 yards. While the width of a bolt of fabric is between 35 to 108 inches. The average width is 40 to 60 inches.

If you are working on a large-scale sewing venture, then you would want to switch to bolts from yards. In your small projects, you would be purchasing fabric by yards as it was suitable for now. Now, for a large project, bolts of fabric will cost you less. When you buy fabric in a larger quantity, it costs you cheaper than purchasing individual yards from retailers.

The cost of a bolt of the fabric also depends on the same factors listed for the fabric by the yard. You can purchase fabric by the bolt from the wholesalers too. But, this will work if you have your own business and you need to buy fabrics in bulk regularly.


Going through all the fabrics, you now know that fabrics of different types come in different price ranges. Some are readily available and cheap while others go through a complex process making them expensive. High-quality fabrics are always costly than low-quality fabrics. Therefore, the cost of fabric depends on the type of fabric and the quality. To get quality fabrics at a lower price, you can visit the store in the sale season or buy in bulk if you are a business owner.

Just a little bit of searching will help you get a fabric item on a budget. I hope this article on “how much does fabric cost?” has cleared it all for you. Share this information with your friends who are beginners in the fabric world.

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