Can You Use Fabric Scissors to Cut Hair?

In 2020, during the lockdown, when we were stuck in our homes, people tried many things, such as cutting their hair with scissors. While those who tried it may have excitedly shared with us how the method worked and, at least, served the purpose, more people are wondering if it is a practice we can continue. We know that it can be tempting to try and cut your hair with fabric or regular scissors; however, what most people seek to know is; will it damage the hair? Should or can you use fabric scissors to cut your hair?

The answer to that question is not definitive. But, yes, you can choose to use any scissors to cut your hair if cutting it is all you care about—as most people did during the lockdown. However, we know that the design of a fabric or regular scissors blade is such that it’s suitable to cut through rough surfaces and materials. So, you should not expect a bulky fabric scissor to deliver the same result as the ones designed with smaller blades and can be used in hair cutting—those scissors whose blade will smoothly cut through the hair. In brief, if you want a result you can be proud of, we strongly recommend that you get a fabric scissor that’s also designed to cut hair instead of using a regular scissor.

We have designed this article to unveil everything you need to know about cutting your hair with fabric scissors. As you continue to read, you’ll get to find out the truth about fabric scissor and how it relates to cutting your hair. Also, if you have decided to cut your hair with a scissor instead of visiting a salon, we will show you how you can go about it the professional way to get a desirable result. In other words, read on to find suitable answers and valuable information about cutting your hair with fabric scissors.

But, what are fabric scissors anyways? Read on.

Can You Use Fabric Scissors to Cut Hair

What are fabric scissors?

Manufacturers designed fabric scissors with a highly sharp blade such that they easily cut through rough edges. There are two significant types of fabric scissors; one has short blades—shorter than six inches—while there are those with longer blades. Though we generally call these two types of scissors “Fabric scissors,” and we are correct, those with the longer blade are best called “Fabric shears.” Some people use the terms interchangeably; however, designers choose which one to use based on specialized sewing goals they seek to achieve.

One thing that seems to differ between fabric scissors significantly is the way the blades are toothed. In this regard, there are several types. The most common blade teeth are those with a smooth and straight mouth. However, it’s also common to see Pinking scissors—those whose teeth are designed like a saw blade. Sewers use the Pinking scissors to cut zig-zag edges on the fabric. They are also used in making fray-resistance edges and to make grade seams.

So, can you use fabric scissors to cut hair?

Can you cut hair with fabric scissors?

No one should stop you from using fabric scissors to cut your hair if that’s what you want to do. However, from the two most popular scissors we described above, the most appropriate ones to use for hair cutting would be the ones with a smooth and straight mouth. You can use any scissors so long it can cut the hair, but those with a tooth-like saw blade would leave a zig-zag pattern on your hair and may not end up looking too good—except that’s the design you intend to make.

Though, as stated earlier, you can use any scissors to cut your hair, if that’s what you want, and you shouldn’t let anyone’s opinion stop you, the best option is not to use fabric scissors for your hair. There are several scissors designed for this purpose. You may have seen your barber or hairdresser at the salon use scissors for your hair, and it turned out good; however, the scissors you saw them use are those designed for the purpose. Therefore if you want to do a self-service, it’s best to pick one of the scissors designed for a haircut.

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Are fabrics scissors good for cutting hair?

Well, fabric scissors are not designed to cut hair, just as hair scissors are not designed to cut fabrics. Fabric scissors are not as sharp as hair scissors so it might be difficult to get a straight line cut. As a result, the haircut might look jagged.

In other words, fabric scissors are not best for cutting hair. It’s better you look for a more suitable alternative to cut hair, especially if you are not a professional barber.

But, what’s the worse that could happen if I cut my hair with fabric scissors?

What will happen if you cut your hair with fabric scissors?

Imagine what it would look like if you were to use two stones to cut through a paper. Have you tried it before? What was the result? If you’ve never tried cutting a paper with stone, you may want to try it out for practicality. Pay attention to how the edges of the paper turned out to be—rough. Yes, that’s what your hair will probably turn out to become if you choose to cut them with fabric scissors.

That’s mainly because the blades of fabric scissors are rock-solid, blunt, and designed to cut through materials with brute force. They will bend and pull every strand of your hair such that it soon becomes damaged. The most common sign that someone uses fabric scissors to cut their hair is the presence of split ends. The split ends develop from the blunt brute force the fabric scissors exact on the haircutting it horribly. This pattern may eventually turn out as damaging to the hair.

Fabric scissors cause this type of split; other regular scissors have the same effect on them. Whether you choose to use fabric scissors, kitchen scissors, eyebrow scissors, nail clippers, etc. They are not designed to be as sharp as a typical hair-cutting scissor and too dull to do a neat job. They end up creating an uneven balance, split ends, and irreparable damage.

Does hair dull fabric scissors?

Yes, cutting your hair with your fabric scissors will sure dull the scissors. So, if you plan on using fabric scissors to cut your hair, you should get different fabric scissors to serve a different purpose. One would be solely used for hair cutting, while the other would serve as your sewing scissors.

Are hair scissors the same as fabric scissors?

The blade and steel that make up a fabric and hair scissors are the main differences. The steel that makes up fabric scissors is usually rough and does not have a nice texture for the hair. On the other hand, the steel that makes up hair-cutting scissors is more rigid, solid, and sharp enough to run through the hair smoothly.

There’s nothing better than cutting or trimming your hair with a pair of exceptionally sharp scissors. They are the ones that can go through the hair and cut every hair strand without leaving a trace. The steel from fabric scissors will bend and pull each strand, painfully cut through them, and leave behind split ends.

Hair scissors vs. fabric shears

By now, you know that hair scissors and fabric shears are not the same. While it can be challenging to differentiate the two, it’s not impossible. Therefore, we can look at the significant difference between these two scissors types from four perspectives. They include:

1. The Sharpness of the Scissors Blades

The designed sharpness level for each scissor is dependent on the duty it’s intended to perform. So if you choose to use a scissor designed to cut fabric for your hair, you’ll discover that the hair will not cut until you apply more pressure as if you were cutting a fabric. That’s how uneven cut, split ends, and misplaced chops develop.

On the other hand, when you pick up scissors designed for a haircut, you’ll have two incredibly sharp blades to work with. When you use it accordingly, you’ll discover that the hair stays put while you cut. It allows you to cut in through every stand in a straight line without leaving behind any split end.

2. The Steel Quality

Carbon is typically the component that makes up fabric scissors. They also get coated in nickel to prevent rust from forming on them. These features are typically acceptable for cutting fabric, but when used on hair, they drag and pull, which may cause hair damage.

On the other hand, regular haircutting scissors are made from Germany, Pakistan, Korea, Japan, India, China, and Taiwan. Japan seems to make the best stainless steel material for cutting hair; however, Korea, China, and Taiwan seem to do great.

3. The Blade’s Size and Angle

Compared to fabrics, the hair is fine and light. Thus, it does not require much cutting. That’s why if you line up a pair of scissors designed for cutting fabric and hair, you would quickly notice the difference in the angles and size of the blade.

There’s an angle from which a blade has to lay for the fabric to cut the way it should; the same goes for hair. That hair is not as steep as that of fabric; therefore, a scissor made for cutting fabric usually has a steeper blade angle than a blade made for cutting the hair.

Also, fabrics are bulky and, therefore, require a broad-sized blade to cut through them. The hair is not as bulky and, in fact, not bulky at all. So, you only need a small but sharp blade to complete the job. If you try using fabric scissors, you’ll notice that the blade does not cut through the hair until it pushes it up, holding the bunch of hair between the blades of the scissors, thus creating a wonky cut and many split ends.

4. The Handles

The handles of a fabric knife are usually designed to be large and sometimes tricky to hold. That’s because they can be as big as accommodating the entire fingers. However, if you’re conversant with using them, you’ll quickly conclude that it has to be that big to make them easy for cutting since you’ll need a lot of the blade to go through the fabric with brute force for efficiency.

While the scissors made for cutting the hair do not have to have oversized handles. Since you don’t need to attack your hair as if you are opening an Amazon package.

Spring scissors for hair and fabric

Mr. Pen- Fabric Scissors, Sewing Scissors

Spring scissors for hair and fabric

Product Highlights

  • Ultra-sharp fabric scissors are ideal for tailoring, sewing, and (most significantly) cutting hair.
  • Classic design, perfect for every hand size, and excellent handling comfort
  • Stainless steel blades maintain high sharpness of the blades
  • Long-lasting cutting knife edge that cuts multiple layers.

SINGER Fabric Scissors

SINGER Fabric Scissors

Product Highlights

  • Rubberized comfort grip handle with heavy-duty bent capacity
  • Quickly cut through multiple layers of projects
  • Blades are ground and tempered on both sides
  • Increased sharpness and longer life and hand-tested to ensure quality
  • The dimention of the scissors is 0.5 x 2.75 x 10.25 inches

Can I use hair scissors to cut fabric?

As fabric scissors are not designed for hairs, so are hair scissors not designed to cut fabric. It’s best to get fabric scissors dedicated to all your sewing needs. Using hair scissors to cut fabrics could damage them and hair scissors are more expensive than fabric scissors.

Is it better to cut hair with kitchen scissors or fabric scissors?

When it comes to the right scissors to be used for cutting your hair, you need to understand that the sharper the scissors, the more control you will have, and the better the result you will get.

Both kitchen scissors and fabric scissors aren’t the best for cutting hair. However, if all the options you’re left with are these two, which do you go for? In this case, it’s preferable to use the fabric scissors since it is sharper than the kitchen scissors.

Can I use any scissors to cut my hair?

No, you shouldn’t use just any scissors to cut your hair. Though you can cut your hair with regular scissors-like fabric and kitchen scissors, you might regret the end result. This is because the steel used in making these scissors are rough and not friendly for the hair. The thicker blades will tug, pull and rip your hair.

To prevent any damages to your hair when cutting, you should use the recommended hair cutting scissors to cut your hair. Haircutting scissors have sharp blades designed to cut the hair perfectly.

How do I use hair cutting scissors to cut my hair?

You can cut your hair by yourself; you only need the right tools and follow the proper steps. With the proper tools and the proper guideline, you can quickly come to a desirable result. What are some of the steps to follow if you want to cut your hair and get a fine-looking hairstyle?

Get the proper haircutting scissors.

The first step is to find the right scissors to do the job for you. Forget about bulky fabric or regular scissors; you need something with small blades like baby nail-trimming shears or cuticle scissors. We have suggested some good hair-cutting scissors below. Any one of these will do the job; get it, and you’re good to go!

Don’t wet your hair.

Wet hair can become very heavy, and haircutting scissors may find it challenging to go through them. In that case, it’s best to cut your hair only when it is dry. You will even enjoy doing it better when the hair is dry. The hair scissors will go through a bunch of strands quickly, and you’ll finish with it fast.

See clearly what you want to cut.

Cutting your hair by yourself can quickly lead to a disaster if you don’t see what you’re doing. So, don’t cut your hair when you are tipsy and only cut what your eyes see as removable.

Keep your style

When trying to trim your hair alone is not the time to desire another hairstyle. It’s easier to maintain a hairstyle you already have when cutting your hair alone than crafting another style. You may not like what you end up coming up with.

Don’t twist

Twisting your hair when cutting is not advisable. It would be best if you kept the strands independent as much as possible. That’s how the hair scissors will go through them quickly and deliver a fine job.

Bottom Line on Can you use fabric scissors to cut hair

The bottom line of using fabric scissors is to forget about those designed with bulky and blunt blades. Only those with tiny but sharp blades can do the job. These scissors can also be used for cutting fabric, but they are the perfect tool for hair cutting.

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