Can You Iron Nylon? Steps to Remove Wrinkles from Nylon Fabric

Nylon is one of the most used fabrics in the world today. You can somewhat live your whole life with nylon by your side. It is a fabric that makes up your umbrella, toothbrush bristles, kitchen utensils, carpet, swimsuits, and much more. Nylon is a synthetic material made from petrochemicals. It is well-known for its strength, durability, and elasticity. But if exposed to heat, it can melt. So, can you iron nylon? How do you get wrinkles out of nylon?

Ironing is a pretty simple process. Yet, It can be a bit tricky if you are doing it for the first time. Also, fabrics are fickle. You need to take care of and iron each fabric in different ways. If you are going to iron nylon fabric, you need to be very careful. To know how to iron nylon, go through our article. We have all the information you will need to iron your nylon clothes without any damage.

Steps to Remove Wrinkles from Nylon Fabric

Can You Iron Nylon?

Yes, you can iron nylon fabric. But you cannot iron nylon the same way you iron natural fibers like cotton or wool. The heat of the iron can ruin your favorite dress easily. Steam can do the same as well. When doing nylon fabrics, you should iron with an empty steam tank.

You can use spray setting in iron for a bit of water if necessary. Use the lowest or no heat setting on the iron. If you have a rayon setting, it can work too. Nylon is a sensitive fabric but not impossible to iron.

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How to Iron Nylon?

The first step is to read the fabric label. Some manufacturers do not include ironing instructions. So, start with the lowest heat setting on an inside seam. Some include a chart listing different fabrics with the recommended iron settings on their website. You can also learn whether you can use steam for that fabric or not.

If your iron’s temperature scale shows single-digit numbers, you should use the first setting or #1. For iron with fabric names, go for rayon setting. Some irons may also have a nylon label. You should prefer 2750 F or 135 0 F if your iron displays degrees on it. The main point is to keep the temperature setting as low as possible and not to use steam. You may melt or burn the fabric in the highest setting.

The second step is to make sure to turn the fabric inside out if possible. Also, place a pressing cloth between the iron and the fabric. You can place a clean cotton handkerchief or a fabric scrap. It is the best way possible to protect the fabric.

When you are removing wrinkles out of fabric, do not press too hard. A light smooth stroke is preferable. Following the right ironing techniques will save you from the trouble of replacing the item.

Is Nylon Wrinkle-Free?

Nylon comes from a complex weave style. The complex weave is likely to keep the wrinkles out. It may be more resistant to wrinkles than free from wrinkles. But, It may be chemically treated to resist wrinkles. So, you are placing possibly toxic chemicals near your skin.

It is a tough choice as nylon is easy to maintain. It is quick-drying and dirt does not cling to the surface. You can wash it in the machine as well.

Does Nylon Wrinkle Easily?

Nylon with a simple weave would wrinkle easily. It may be a discomfort to get those wrinkles out of the fabric. You have to be careful about how you use iron to make the fabric look nice again. When your nylon item needs a fresh appearance, you can use your iron. Just remember that nylon does not go well with heat and steam.

If woven in a complex style, then nylon does not wrinkle easily. Nylon is a synthetic material. It is more wrinkle-resistant than natural materials such as cotton and silk. But, this fabric can still wrinkle.

How Do You Get Wrinkles Out of Nylon?

If you do not want to use iron, there are other ways to get wrinkles out of clothing. You can remove wrinkles out of nylon by making a wrinkle-releaser spray. Take a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol, a teaspoon of liquid fabric softener, and a cup of distilled water. Combine these in an empty spray bottle. Then, you can apply it to the item.

Another method is using one part of white vinegar and three parts of water. But it does not smell good. You can add some essential oil to avoid that. You can also go for wrinkle-remover sprays available on the market. Then, you can hang the item on the shower road, spray away, and leave it to dry.

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Nylon Jacket?

A brand new nylon jacket may look like a crinkled piece of paper if you have just unpacked it. You need to fix those wrinkles to wear the jacket. Here are the steps of how to get wrinkles out of a nylon jacket.

  • Put the jacket under a sink faucet in lukewarm water. Or else, wash it in cold or warm water on the gentle cycle. Squeeze out any excess water. Twist vertically from top to bottom to smooth out wrinkles.
  • Turn the dryer settings to permanent press or the lowest heat setting to avoid nylon from wrinkling. Put the damp jacket into the dryer. Take out the jacket before it is fully dry. It should still have a noticeable amount of moisture. Nylon dries very quickly. So, check the jacket every 10 minutes while it is in the dryer.
  • Now remove the jacket from the dryer once it is ready. Otherwise, you experience the risk of creating new wrinkles. Hang the jacket on a garment hanger in a dry location. The wrinkles will smooth out at some point in a few hours.
  • If this process does not remove all the wrinkles, use the iron on the lowest heat setting.

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Nylon Flag?

Nylon flag gets wrinkled from wet, cold, or hot conditions. You need to iron it occasionally to allow the fabric to flow freely in the wind.

  • Hang up the flag. Hanging the flag for a few hours in a humid environment smooths out the worst of wrinkles. You can hang the flag in your bathroom.
  • If hanging does not work, spray the fabric with a water nozzle. You can also dab water onto it with your fingers. Let the flag dry. For deep wrinkles, wash the flag instead.
  • Some flags can be washed in the machine. Put the flag in the washer. Choose a delicate cycle with cold water.
  • Remove it from the washer immediately after washing to avoid new wrinkles forming.
  • Hang or lay the flag flat on an absorbent towel. Allow it to dry completely.
  • To iron your flag, remove any pole attached to the flag if possible.
  • Use the lowest heat or gentle setting on iron. Lay one end of the flag over the ironing board. Let the rest of the flag drape on the back of the board. Do not let it touch the floor.
  • Use your hands to remove as many wrinkles as possible before applying the iron.
  • Iron the flag back and forth and apply medium pressure. Do the flag section by section in the same manner.

How Do You Get Wrinkles Out of Nylon Lingerie?

Nylon is lightweight, strong, and stretchy fabric. So, it is very suitable for lingerie. But, it can also wrinkle easily. If your nylon lingerie is filled with creases, do not use iron immediately. Try a safer way first to remove wrinkles.

  • Place the nylon lingerie on a garment hanger. Hang it in your bathroom from a shower rod, or on a towel hook, on the back of the door.
  • Turn the shower on and set the water to the warmest temperature possible.
  • Shut the bathroom door. Leave your garment hanging while the steam from the shower accumulates in the bathroom. Leave it for at least 10 minutes to smooth out the wrinkles.
  • If any wrinkles remain, place the lingerie in the clothes dryer. Fling a damp sock or washcloth in the dryer with the lingerie. Dry on medium heat for around 15 minutes. Take the garment out of the dryer immediately.


We hope your query on “can you iron nylon” is not confusing you anymore. It is not so challenging to remove wrinkles from nylon fabric. Nylon only requires special care. There are some techniques to follow for all nylon items. Use the lowest heat setting, quick, and light strokes. Also, keep in mind not to use steam while ironing. You should have a spray bottle filled with cold water with you to remove wrinkles. If things go well, your nylon garments will look as new as you bought from the store. If not, you have to go shopping soon. We hope everything goes well!

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