Can You Use Fabric Paint on Canvas?

At times, you come across pretty canvas paintings on Pinterest that urge you to pick up the canvas and begin. You search your paint supplies and only have a choice of fabric paint. That’s the reason you are here. People who paint on scarves, shirts, bags, etc. are well aware of the fabric paint. Canvas … Read more

How To Remove Water Stains From Fabric?

Water stains on fabric can easily become a headache if you do not remove them properly. The stains are not caused by the water itself but rather by the minerals present in the water. The key to removing such stains is to use the right equipment and follow the procedure. There are various kinds of … Read more

Can You Use Fabric Scissors to Cut Hair?

In 2020, during the lockdown, when we were stuck in our homes, people tried many things, such as cutting their hair with scissors. While those who tried it may have excitedly shared with us how the method worked and, at least, served the purpose, more people are wondering if it is a practice we can … Read more