How Much Fabric Do I Need for a Circle Skirt? – Steps to Sew your Skirt

A circle skirt can be a great addition to your retro closet. It comes in a variety of styles and designs as well as patterns. There are many ways to style a circle skirt. You can wear it for a party, casual, or even a professional look. Circle skirts are comfortable, beautiful, and easy to wear. These skirts can be in for all seasons. They are a fun way to spice up your wardrobe.

You can also sew them by yourself. But you may think, how much fabric do I need for a circle skirt. Don’t worry. We will help you know how to calculate fabric for a circle skirt. Before that, let’s learn about a circle skirt for more clarity.

How Much Fabric Do I Need for a Circle Skirt

What is a Circle Skirt?

As the name indicates, a circle skirt is simply a circle of fabric with a hole in the center for the waist. The skirt is full and flowy that hangs smoothly from the waist without gathers, darts, and pleats. It is great for beginner’s sewing projects. This skirt is very versatile. You can pair it with fitted tops, silky blouses, cardigans, or even a simple top. It can also be paired with leggings, tights, and pants. You can get circle skirts in different lengths. They can fit in all body types like magic.

Types of Circle Skirts

The four most common types of circle skirts are:

  • Quarter circle skirt
  • Half circle skirt
  • Three-quarter circle skirt
  • Full circle skirt

A quarter circle skirt is practically an A-line skirt. It has few or no folds and flared shape. On the other hand, a full circle skirt has loads of folds through its hemline. The more full a circle skirt is, the more flare of fabric you will have to twirl. But they are much bigger than other types, so they consume a lot of fabric. Half and three-quarter circle skirts offer a fine balance between fullness and fabric consumption.

Circle Skirt Fabric Type

To sew a circle skirt, you can use the most common fabric types. You can use any fabric from woven to knit, from lightweight to felt wool. But the fabric with a good drape will help you to take the best advantage of your circle skirt’s body. Cotton fabrics and linen-cotton blends work best for sewing circle skirts. You can also go for rayon and even stretch fabrics. Make sure to wash and iron the washable fabric like cotton or linen before you use it.

Before you buy fabric for your circle skirt, keep in mind that the length of a circle skirt will be limited by the width of the fabric. Make sure to have sufficient fabric left over to cut a waistband for the skirt.

Best Fabric for Circle Skirt

There are a huge variety of fabrics available for a circle skirt on the market. It can be challenging to find the right one for your skirt. Here are the best fabrics for circle skirts you can have a look at.

CottonVill Cotton Solid Quilting Fabric

COTTONVILL 20COUNT Cotton Solid Quilting Fabric

This fabric is made of 100% combed cotton fabric. It is specially designed for quilting. You can also use it for sewing and other craft projects.

If you plan to make circle skirts, you should consider this fabric. it comes in 3 yards long and 10 yards long sizes. The fabric width is 44 inches and weighs about 145 grams per square meter.

You can get it in a variety of colors ranging from cameo pink to pine green. All the colors look beautiful. The fabric has an airy and all-natural feel.

Ben Textiles Poly Cotton Broadcloth

Ben Textiles Poly Cotton Broadcloth

Ben Textiles poly-cotton fabric is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

The fabric has a width of 58 inches. it is tightly woven and has a full-body draped.

You can use it for circle skirts and fuller dresses.

It is also suitable to use for tabletop covers and duvet covers.

This fabric comes in several colors including baby blue, candy pink, jade, and dark lilac. It comes at a reasonable price.

How Much Fabric Do I Need for a Circle Skirt?

Firstly, you need to know the waist size of the skirt that you want to make. Measure the waist size at the natural waist which is slightly above the navel and below the rib cage. Measure your hips by wrapping a tape measure around the widest parts of your hip. In this way, you can make sure the skirt fits properly on your body.

Then, the other thing to consider is the length of the skirt. You need more fabric for a longer skirt. Also, decide the type of circle skirt you want. After that, use the mathematical formulas to calculate how much fabric you need. Determine the radius of the waistline of the skirt. Add this radius to the length of the skirt and then add 2cm for the skirt hem.

How to Calculate How Much Fabric Do I Need for a Circle Skirt

  • Which type of circle skirt do you like? This is the first thing to decide. The skirts can be a midi, mini, and maxi size dress. The midi skirt reaches the knees while a mini skirt rests above the knees. A maxi skirt is a master dress.
  • Measure your waist size. You need a tape measure for this. Either measure yourself or ask someone to do it for you. Wrap a tape measure around your waist and note the point at which the two ends meet.
  • Decide the length of your skirt. Place one end of a tape measure on your waist. Measure the length from this point to the desired parts of the legs. Note the measurements.
  • Now, you can calculate the radius of the waistline of the skirt. Here is the formula you need: Radius= waist-length + 2 inches/ 2π. This extra 2 inches on your waist length help the circle skirt to stretch and hem skirt.
  • Get a large piece of paper. Place the ruler on the bottom left-hand corner. Measure the distance of the radius from the bottom edge. Mark at the distance of the radius. Draw a circle or a semi-circle from this point to the edge of the paper. The distance of the radius and the distance from the edge of the paper where the circle meets the paper should be equal.
  • Place the ruler at the outer edge of the circle line. Measure the length that should be equal to the length of the skirt. Place a mark on this point. Draw a circle along this mark to the end of the paper.
  • The paper that is not between two circles you have drawn should be cut off. You will get the paper in the shape of a donut. Now, you have the outline to make your circle skirt. Remove the edge of the paper as well to have only the circular part at top of the donut.
  • This donut tells you how much fabric you need for a circle skirt.

How Much Fabric Do I Need to Make a Floor Length Circle Skirt?

You will need 60-90 inches and 3 yards of fabric to make a floor-length circle skirt. This circle skirt is perfect to wear at festivals. It looks gorgeous and offers a maximum twirl ability. It is also flattering for every body shape.

How Much Fabric Do I Need for a Child’s Circle Skirt?

You will need between 1-2 yards of fabric for a child’s circle skirt. It depends on the width of the fabric and the size of the skirt you are making. Use lightweight fabrics instead of heavy fabrics that can become bulky. Knit fabric and cotton fabrics are good to go.

How Much Fabric Do I Need for a Mini Half Circle Skirt?

For a half circle skirt that sits above or at the knee, 45-60 inches fabric is needed. You will need 2.5 yards of it. 60 inches wide fabric works great. Again it depends on the waist size and length of the skirt. You can cut a whole circle using 60 inches wide fabric. A 44 inches wide fabric can also be enough.

How to Make a Circle Skirt with Fabric Glue?

If you love making circle skirts by yourself, we have a guide to help you make a DIY circle skirt with fabric glue. Buying skirts can be heavy on your pockets as they are expensive. Here is an inexpensive and interesting way to help you look fashionable.

Choose the Right Fabric

Choose the right fabric for your skirt first. You can select between cotton, semi-cotton, satin rayon, etc. Light fabric that is flowy and beautiful is perfect for summer. You can get both printed or a solid color fabric. Get at least 2 meters of fabric.

Items Required

  • Fabric glue
  • Selected fabric in a darker shade
  • Beads for embellishment
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Lace
  • Hook/elastic
  • Chalk

Start Making the Circle Skirt

To start making your skirt, fold the fabric twice. Use some pins to fix it in one place. Take an inch of tape. Measure your waist from the point where you want to wear the skirt. Now, divide the digit by 4 and mark it on the upper corner of the skirt. Measure the length of your knees for the bottom. Mark on both the edges of the cone you have. Darker your markings to start cutting the skirt.

Cutting the Circle Skirt

Run the scissors carefully over the markings. After cutting the skirt, fold an inch inside using the fabric glue. Let the fabric glue dry. Now, take the lace and stick it on the outer side of the skirt. Fold the upper waist area and stick an inch of the cloth inside. Attach the hook on both ends of the circle skirt. Fold the skirt inside out and stick the open end of the skirt using fabric glue.

Decorating the Circle Skirt

Make bows with a darker shade of the fabric. Attach the bows with fabric glue. You can decorate with beads and other things as well. Now, your circle skirt is done. You can wear it and style it with your favorite tops.


Here comes the article on “how much fabric do I need for a circle skirt” to the end. We hope that now you know how to calculate the amount of fabric you need to make a circle skirt. If you have the right amount of fabric on hand, you have a smooth sewing experience. To buy more fabric, you do not need to stop the project and run out. You can also go through the best fabric for a circle skirt for an easy selection of the right fabric. Now, you can experiment with different skirt styles on your own.

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