How Much Fabric Do I Need for a Quilt?

Making a quilt will be a fun project as you will be using different pieces to create a masterpiece. But, what if you run out of the fabric when your quilt is half done or you have your designing studio all filled with scraps? To keep up with the excitement and motivation, you must gather … Read more

Can Elmers Glue be Used on Fabric?

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Can I use Tempera Paint on Fabric? A Complete Guide

Tempera paint is also known as poster paint. It is a water-based paint mixed with a chemical binding agent. Teachers often use tempera paint to teach children how to mix colors and paint. Children can use it for classroom projects, posters, color mixing exercises, painting windows, and most craft projects. Tempera performs best on paper, … Read more

Can You Use Fabric Paint on Canvas?

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How To Remove Water Stains From Fabric?

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Can You Use Fabric Scissors to Cut Hair?

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